What to Do if You’re Facing a Lawsuit Because of an Injury on Your Ranch

Your ranch might be dangerous for a few reasons. You might have horses, cows or other large animals on the property, and there is always the chance that someone could get injured when spending time around these animals. You might have tractors and other equipment on your farm that could be dangerous.

Be Careful About What You Say

It’s natural to want to provide immediate assistance if someone gets hurt on your property. Of course, calling for help and asking if the person is okay are important things to do to provide assistance. Avoid apologizing, taking blame or saying anything else that could affect you in a future lawsuit, though. Thinking carefully about what you say in this type of situation can make a big difference when it comes to being held liable for injuries.

Rely on Your Insurance Company

Hopefully, you have ranch insurance that includes property liability. If you do have this type of insurance coverage, then your insurance company should help with covering you and your ranch in the event that you get sued. Now is a good time to check with the insurance company to see what kind of coverage you have so that you will know what to expect.

Hire a Lawyer

It’s not a good idea to try to handle a lawsuit against your ranch without the help of a legal professional. A lawyer who is experienced in helping business owners and ranch owners like you with lawsuits can talk to you about what you’re facing and can guide you through the entire process of handling the lawsuit so that you can hopefully protect yourself and your business while going through this difficult time.

Even though you might have worked hard to help prevent people from getting injured while on your ranch, something could always happen. Someone could get hurt, and your ranch could face a lawsuit. How you handle the lawsuit will make a difference, so take heed of the advice listed above so that you protect yourself and everything that you have worked for while building your ranch.

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