What’s the difference between cake and pastry

1. An overview

An overview

Partial images can be baffling and this rule applies aptly in the case of cakes and pastries. In the very first view (if sliced) they both look similar but are poles apart when it comes to the recipe, ingredients and the process of making them. Scroll below to know the difference between the two.

2. Recipe and ingredients

Recipe and ingredients
According to bakery experts, ingredients and recipe making process form the fundamental difference between cakes and pastries. On one hand, cake includes many ingredients and a complicated procedure for preparation; pastries involve minimum ingredients and simple making procedure.

3. Shapes and flavours

Shapes and flavours
Cakes appear in different shapes, pastries are likely to appear in a single and familiar shape. If we observe, the most common shapes of cakes include round, rectangular, square shapes, and triangular. On the other hand, pastries appear in a triangle or rectangular shape. When it comes to flavours, they both stand on an equal front. Earlier, pastries had limited options, due to minimum use of ingredients.

4. Cakes can be of all types

Cakes can be of all types
Cake is a broad term. Cakes can be with or without icing. But pastries always have an icing.

5. Decoration and color

Decoration and color
We all will agree that decoration and colouring add to the value of the dish. And when it comes to cakes and pastries, they are inevitable. While cakes are significantly decorated and appear in different colors, pastries have minimal detailing. Though with change in time bakery studios have started experimenting with pastries, cakes stand superior. In cakes, people have a tendency of mentioning the name at the top, whereas pastries have no such scope.

6. Nutritional composition

Nutritional composition
According to bakery experts, though the consumption of both pastries and cakes have increased in recent times, the nutritional composition of both are totally different. Cakes are comparatively more nutritious, as they involve a lot of ingredients. Also, with the rise in healthy eating culture in urban cities, there are options that are apt for diabetic and lactose-intolerant people too. Whereas, pastries are still in the phase of development and are less nutritious as compared to cakes.

7. Consumption and production

Consumption and production
Similar in looks, they both have a different set of production and consumption levels. Cake is more of an occasional food item that is used for celebrations like birthdays, weddings, marriage anniversaries and other merry events. Whereas, pastries are more like a daily food item (in different cultures) and is consumed in breakfast and high-tea. Keeping the consumption factor in mind, the production cycle of both is different and dynamic. While the bakery houses produce pastries in bulk, cakes are available in sample sizes only.

8. Verdict

In a nutshell, all pastries are cakes, but not all cakes are pastries. And the main difference lies in the fact that cakes involve many ingredients that are nutritious too, while pastries use only a few ingredients.

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