How To Use Pudina (Mint) Leaves For Weight Loss

Mint leaves or commonly known as pudina is one of the widely used aromatic plants. Pudina is not just used for culinary purposes but it is widely known for its innumerable health benefits and medicinal properties. Pudina is being used as one of the chief ingredients even in ayurveda since time immemorial for the preparation of different ayurvedic medications. It might give you that bitter taste but slowly when you consume it for a long period of time you will tend to like the taste.

mint leaves for weight loss

Mint leaves are low in calories. Due to its rich fibre content it helps prevent indigestion, reduces the cholesterol level and risk of weight gain and obesity. Mint helps stimulate the digestive enzymes and turns fat into usable energy. In addition to this also learn about how spinach helps in quick weight loss. Advertisement: Replay Ad Currently, many eatables like candies, mouth fresheners and chewing gums use mint as one of the ingredients. Also our everyday commodities like toothpaste contain mint. Apart from weight loss, pudina helps better digestion, prevents nausea, helps cure respiratory problems, depression and fatigue and prevents bad breath. Well you might have heard of pudina improving your digestion and cleansing your system but today in this article we will be discussing how pudina helps one to lose weight effectively. Take a look at the ways to use pudina or mint leaves recipe to lose weight.


1. Mint (Pudina) Juice: Take a bunch of mint leaves and another bunch of coriander leaves. Add these to a blender along with a glass of water and a pinch of black salt and pepper. Blend all the ingredients well. Squeeze half a lemon juice and then drink one glass of this juice early in the morning. This helps one to lose weight. How To Use Hydrogen Peroxide In Your Beauty Care Regimen How To Celebrate The Holy Occasion Of Eid Playing Video Games Can Boost Attention: Study Featured Posts.


2. Mint (Pudina) Tea:

For this you can either use dried mint leaves or the fresh ones. In case of fresh mint tea, take a few fresh mint leaves and add it to boiling water and boil it for a while. Then steep it for about a minute. Strain it and then drink. In case of dried mint leaves tea, take a few dried mint leaves and then add it to boiling water. Steep it for about 10 minutes. Strain it and drink. Studies suggest that you can drink 2-3 cups of mint tea a day for best results.


3. Adding Pudina To Food:

Take a few fresh pudina leaves, add it to your favourite salad and then have it. It not just prevents stomach bloating but also aids in weight loss. Along with this one needs to avoid fatty foods and oily foods that are rich in calories. Besides this, regular exercise and walk for half an hour every day is a must if one is looking at losing weight.


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