Top ten coolest gadgets launched at CES 2017

Asus Zenfone AR

The Consumer Technology Association annually organizes a mega trade event popularly known as CES or Consumer Electronics Show in the month of January at Las Vegas Convention Centre in Las Vegas, Nevada in United States. The event is an opportunity to present some of the coolest innovations for the consumers by the great technology giants all over the world. Consumer Electronics Show started in the year 1967 in the New York City as a spinoff of Chicago Music Show, since then this event has turned out to be a huge platform to present new consumer electronic gadgets and various innovations and other concepts. Famous innovations like Blu-ray devices, organic light-emitting diode (OLED) televisions, Palm Pre, Mattel MindFlex Game, pico projectors, MarvellSheevaPlug plug computer and 3D projectors were first exhibited in this event only. Since last forty years, Consumer Electronics Show has witnessed many innovations which turned out to be a real useful product of gadget in the present.

Like every year, this year also various gadgets and consumer electronics goods were presented in the trade event and few of them were remarkably different and outshined others. These ten products possessed the best idea and innovations:

1. ASUS Zenphone AR

ASUS has redefined the concept of Smartphone by introducing the concept of virtual reality in the new ASUS Zenphone AR. ASUS claims that in future our mobile phones would have a way more purpose than just calling, chatting, updating social media profiles and listening music or playing games. The era which we belong to is of virtual reality and ASUS has presented a Smartphone which has the hardware that can track motion, perceive depth and even analyze the surrounding and adapt the device accordingly to run at its maximum efficiency and perform AR and VR functions properly that the applications working on the same concept would run properly. The ASUS Zenphone AR would work on two platforms provided by Google, Daydream and Tango. So it makes it quite compatible to provide its users with the experience of virtual reality.

2. Credit Card sized Computer by Intel


Gone are the days where people used to wander about the evolution of their desktops or laptops by upgrading the hardware and software. Intel has taken a way further step in the area of upgrading and developing something which would hold the future inside in it. Intel is thinking a way to upgrade various internet-connected home appliances and robots we may own in the future. Intel has developed a credit card sized gadget known as Intel’s Compute Card which is like a mini computer which can be inserted in various smart devices. This device features all basic component of a computer including a processor, memory, storage and wireless technology. The idea is to save the consumers from purchasing new devices for better and faster features as this card sized computer can easily fit into devices like smart refrigerators, interactive retail kiosks, and security cameras.

Intel introduced its latest mini computer at the CES 2017

3. LG W series TV

The world is becoming more and more flat in terms of technology. LG is focusing on making the home TV experience better. Few years ago we use to own huge and bulky CRTs and now we own the LED or OLED powered televisions. But all of them do take some space in our room and don’t blend in it. LG’s new idea of the LG W series TV is to produce such TV’s which are capable of blending in the living room, just as wallpaper does in the room. This new TV is of seventy-seven inches in size yet weighing twenty-seven pounds in total which is much less than the same sized TV produced by Samsung or Sony. This TV is designed entirely different with the screen separated from the guts of the system, which are contained in a Dolby Atmos sound bar that also includes I/O ports for connectivity.

lg signature oled w series tv ces 2017

4. Mohu Airwave

The bringe-Watching experiences have been lately improved somewhat by the cord cutting feature but there has been always an issue with the local broadcast TV offerings. Most of the locally broadcasted channels are not much entertained or able to be in the bandwidth of the devices available now. But the great antennas maker Mohu Airwave has found a way to sort out these problems with their recent product which would just cost $150, and provide various local broadcasting like Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Android, and iOS. Not just this, it allows to control the TV with an app on the phone just like Netflix or Hulu.

mohu Airwave

5. Mattel Aristotle

Aristotle’s new product is the smartest thing available for the family having newborns. Mattel Aristotle is not just a baby monitor, its Amazon echo rolled in it to account for its smartness. Basically, it’s a smart device for smart people and being a smart device brings out various features in the device. The device has an inbuilt smart speaker which can be activated using a recognized voice, not only this Mattel Aristotle have taken the concept way further by adding a camera to the device so that one can take proper care of their newborns. All these features help a lot for soothing a crying baby, even buying more diapers, encouraging kids to mind their manners, or helping them learn a foreign language. Such a device is the uttermost need for the modern and smart parents to account for the well-being and safety of their newborn.

Mattel Aristotle

6. PowerRay Aquatic Drone

People are opting for the smarter ways to do anything, whatever may be the task. The same is true for the fishermen, the old and orthodox methods of fishing require a great deal of patience and enthusiasm. But the PowerVision has found out an innovative fix for the issue, the latest PowerRay Aquatic Drone is the key solution to revolutionize the idea of fishing. The device is the dream of many fishermen; it can go inside the depth of the oceans, rivers, ponds, lakes or rivers and explore it. It can also detect fish and its location and send the information to the fishermen. It can work in both salt water and fresh water bodies and can send images with 4K clarity with 12 MP capability.

PowerRay Aquatic Drone

7. Toyota Concept i

Tesla Motors have done hell lot of research and improvising the concept of auto driving features of the vehicles but the vision of Toyota is not just confined in just enabling our personal or mass vehicles to drive us to certain places. Toyota is looking far beyond that and came up with a product with the Concept i feature enabled on it. While having the autonomous driving capabilities, the Concept i enabled vehicles will posses artificial intelligence. Toyota claimed that vehicle would be able the preferred locations or destinations by the driver and can even suggest the places to visit after sometime. It is powered with a personal virtual assistant called Yui which would guide the driver or take care of the choices for the same.

Toyota 8

8. Razer Project Valerie

All of us prefer multitasking, and so should be our computer but unfortunately due to the confinement of our laptop’s screen to fifteen to seventeen inches we can’t do more than one task simultaneously such that we can have a look at all of them at a single time. Razer project Valerie has presented a product with foldable laptop screens. There are in total three screens, each of 17 inches in size with a 4K display which can be used individually like playing video games on one and watching videos on YouTube on another or as a giant screen for a single display. The laptop is a little heavier than the usual one but still less heavier than the huge gaming laptops.

razer project valerie ces2017

9. Lenovo Smart Assistant

Lenovo has presented a more colorful and cheaper product than Amazon’s Echo. The speaker contains eight microphones that can receive a voice as far as sixteen feet. As Lenovo Smart Assistant is also powered with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, it allows users get the same features with a slight less expenditure and more colorful options. The device is not just meant to manage music rather it can answer questions, manage calendars and to-do lists. The speakers would be in the markets by this May and would cost around $130 for normal version and around $180 for an upgraded Harman Kardon speaker’s one.

lenovo smart assistant


10. Dell 2-in-1 Laptops

Dell is always progressing to provide some of the worthy gadgets to its users and have introduced several convertible laptops this year, and the most attracting was the model was its Latitude 7285 and recently released XPS 13 models. Latitude 7285 is a Surface Pro 4 rival that includes a sharp screen, stylus, and a sturdy keyboard that more closely resembles that of a laptop than most hybrids whereas XPS 13 model is an updated version of Dell’s already great XPS 13 that includes a flexible rotating hinge for use in different positions.

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