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Whenever you are in need of a good plumbing service it is absolutely essential to make sure you hire a qualified and reputable plumber. That is because plumbers are responsible for performing repairs on some of your home’s most important parts, including the water heater, faucet and toilet. Hiring an inexperienced or dishonest plumber could result in dangerous and expensive repair work in the future. Here are 6 steps you can take to find a reputable plumber whenever you have Tampa plumbing repair work that needs to be done at your house.

1. Make sure the plumber holds the proper licenses. A majority of states require plumbers to be licensed. You can check with your state’s licensing board to see what its requirements are and to verify that a plumber does hold a legitimate license. Whenever you are considering hiring a plumber ask them for proof of their license.

2. Ask the plumber for proof of insurance. It is very important that any plumber you hire is both bonded and carries insurance – both liability and workers compensation for employees. Insurance protects both the plumber and yourself in case there is an accident or injury when plumbing repairs are being performed at your house.

3. Ask the plumber how long they have been in the plumbing business. If the plumber has been in business for at least several years that is a good sign since it shows they have a proven track record of providing quality work. Otherwise, they wouldn’t still be in business.

4. Ask how much they charge for their plumbing services. In order to provide you with an accurate estimate, the plumber will first need to know what work needs to be done. However, you can still get estimates before they arrive. You should get three estimates at least, so you can compare them. Be very wary of an quote that is much lower than the others. That might mean that the plumber is planning on using inferior parts or cutting corners.

5. Ask what kinds of warranties that plumber offers. All reputable plumbers guarantee the work they do, as well as the parts. Many warranties will cover plumbing work for one year. Don’t hire any plumber who doesn’t guarantee his work.

6. Ask the plumber for references. If a plumber will not or cannot furnish you with references then simply look for someone else. One of the best methods for accurately gauging the quality of a plumber’s work is to speak with past customers.

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