A Send Off To College

When it’s time to say goodbye to your child who is leaving for college, you might not be sure about what to get as a parting gift or what to tell family members to give. An idea that can include a variety of items that can be used in the dorm is a gift basket. You can make the gift using a laundry basket or a plastic tote as the container. Put tissue paper at the base of the container and along the sides to make it look like a large gift bag. Food gift baskets for college are also an option if you don’t want to include toiletries and other items for the dorm room.

Some of the things that your child might not think about needing at college that you can include in the basket are batteries of all sizes, binder clips, a small fan, and a small storage file to keep on the desk. Cleaning supplies of all kinds can be included in this kind of basket as well. These might include a container of laundry detergent, dish detergent, disinfectant wipes, and a few cloths to wipe off surfaces.

Most colleges don’t allow students to put tacks in the walls unless it leaves a small hole. So that your child can hang pictures and wall decorations, include putty that is safe for the wall as well as tape that won’t leave a mark on the paint. You can also include a few of the hooks that stick to the wall with a material that can be easily removed. There will likely be times that your child might get bored between classes or on the weekends. Include a few books, notebooks for writing letters, a board game or two, and a deck of cards. Try to customize the basket as much as possible with things that your child would enjoy.

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