The secret behind the hole in your doughnut

1. An overview

An overview

If you are a dessertarian, you will not be able to say no to the colourful, soft and spongy dessert that always comes with a hole in the centre. Can you guess which dessert we are talking about? Yeah! You guessed it right, it’s ‘Doughnuts’. While we relish the endless flavours available in the market, we never give some thought to the reason behind the hole at the centre of the dish. Let’s understand the idea and reveal that whether it was a deliberate act or merely an accident.

2. The idea of hole

The idea of hole

Considered as a deliberate act by an American sailor in the 19th century, the logic behind the hole at the centre of doughnuts was to evenly cook them. If we go by reports, the credit goes to Captain Hanson Gregory, who actually invented the doughnut hole in 1847 while aboard a lime-trading ship. According to records, Gregory wasn’t happy with the consistency of the fried cakes served on the ship, as they used to be partially uncooked and greasy at the centre. It was then, he suggested punching a hole at the centre of fried cakes so that the dish could be evenly cooked.

3. Other theories

Other theories

During the time when doughnuts with holes took over the market in the New York City, bagels were also becoming a fad in New York. So, according to a few food trend analysts, the bakers coined the idea of putting holes in doughnuts before frying so that same wooden dowel can be used to display both (doughnuts and bagel), in order to save window display space of the bakery shops.

4. The world of innovation

The world of innovation

According to Nitya Sehgal, a food stylist, “With the popularity of doughnuts in the Indian market (especially among kids), the chefs have redefined the look of this soft and spongy dessert known for its glazings and toppings. From sinful cream cheese and dark chocolate to healthy matcha green tea, the options are endless. Which one will you pick?”

5. Verdict


In 1916 when Captain Hanson Gregory recorded the original idea officially, all other theories were put to rest. The entire series of speculations and guesses give us a glimpse that how innovative food as a fraternity is, all you need to do is to take that leap of faith and you might become a part of history with your innovation.




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