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Starry nights and empty streets in Syria's Idlib
    IDLIB - Stars fill the night sky over the Syrian rebel-held
city of Idlib, and the streets are eerily quiet. The calm might
not last much longer. (MIDEAST-CRISIS/SYRIA-NIGHTS (PIX), moved,
236 words)
    Save Santa's Sherry, say British lovers of fortified wine
    LONDON - A worrying slump in sales of Father Christmas's
favourite tipple, sherry, has prompted a British trade group to
start a campaign to ensure the fortified wine doesn't fall off
menus. (UK-RETAIL/SHERRY-XMAS (TV), moved, 199 words)
    Leaving war-torn Syria, luxury chocolatier finds new home in
    BUDAPEST - Bassam Ghraoui's Syrian confectionary became
synonymous with the  finest gourmet chocolates anywhere before
war decimated his business, and he is starting anew in Hungary
with a factory to be launched next year.
(HUNGARY-SYRIA/CHOCOLATE (PIX), moved, by Krisztina  Than, 477
    Taiwan's Christmas market offers present the size of a tower
    TAIPEI - Good things might come in small packages, but the
centre-piece of a Taiwan Christmas market is a present the size
of a tower block. (CHRISTMAS-SEASON/TAIWAN (TV), moved, 114
    Bite the dust: meek dinosaur lost its teeth as it hit
    WASHINGTON - A modest little dinosaur that scampered across
northwestern China 160 million years ago boasted a unique trait
not seen in any other dinosaur or other prehistoric creature yet
unearthed: it was born with teeth but became toothless by
adulthood. (SCIENCE-DINOSAUR/ (PIX), moved, by Will Dunham, 400
    Racist rant at Kentucky mall prompts ban, apology from mayor
    A racist, expletive-filled rant caught on camera at a
Louisville, Kentucky, mall has led to a permanent ban for a
shopper and prompted an apology from the city's mayor. 


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