Physiatrist, Chiropractor or Physical therapist: which one should you choose and why

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Different doctors practice different medications and methods to bring ease to a patient. Just like that patients also depend and trust on different doctors for their treatment. Mostlypeople these days depend and trust allopathy since it is the fastest way to recover from nearly every disease. Then there are other ways to treat oneself like the use of homeopathy medications. There are some people who prefer going to therapists and masseuse which can help them relieve tension and pain in their body. There is another category of doctors, called the chiropractor who is focused on the diagnosis and treatment of the neuromuscular disorders and perform the treatment by manual adjustment or manipulation of the spine.

If a patient is not interested in getting the treatment from an allopathy doctor or a chiropractic, they can choose a physiatrist who works in rehabilitation. A physiatrist works differently from a physical therapist and chiropractors. These doctors specialize in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation. They can treat the injuries, illness, and disabilities by restoring the function. They can also work with pain management and can give non-surgical treatments to their patients. A physiatristsbasicallytreats the whole patient and not just a specific disease or area. The practice focuses on muscles, nerves, and bones. The treatment can include the conditions from shoulder pain, lower back pain, brain, spinal cord injury, and muscle and bone problems as well. The patient has to make a decision about their treatment when it comes to choose from Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Vs Physical Therapy.

The main difference between a physical therapist and a physiatrist is not only in their trainings. A physiatrists spend nearly three times more time in training. They are able to use neurological and orthopedic knowledge to diagnose their patients and suggest the treatment accordingly.They are also able to interpret MRIs and perform EMGs on the patients. On the other hand, the physical therapist cannot prescribe drugs or diagnose a patient. They can only perform the therapy on the patient. If you are seeing a physiatrist, they will diagnose you, work on the pain management and develop various kinds of treatments and therapies. However, they will not perform the physical therapy themselvesand for that they will ask to involve other health care professionals which will include a physical therapist too.

A physical therapist performs the actual treatment in that case and tell the patient custom exercises to treat their problem. They use modalities like heat, cold, and TENS. Physiatrists also treat other illnesses which a patient might have while they are starting their rehabilitation. You should not mix a physiatrist and a chiropractor with their jobs since they both work in different ways to perform the treatment. A chiropractor is a professional which may be employed when a physiatrist has started planning a treatment plan.This works as collaborative care and helps the patient a lot during their recovery. They will also treat a person by using physical therapies, exercises, orthorics, manipulation and other methods. Chiropractors are also working to relieve the symptoms and restore the functionality of the body.

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