OnePlus 5 Seen Defeating iPhone 7 Plus in New Speed Test Video

OnePlus 5 Seen Defeating iPhone 7 Plus in New Speed Test Video

After the launch of OnePlus 5 earlier this month, a third-party speed test showed that the latest flagship from the company not only boasts capable hardware but comfortably defeats other Android flagships in terms of speed of launching apps. Now, the latest speed test has revealed that OnePlus 5 does not only beat its Android competition but also trumps iPhone in the same aspect.

In a video speed test performed by popular YouTube channel PhoneBuff, David Brahimi put up the OnePlus 5 against iPhone 7 Plus in a speed test that involved two laps of launching certain apps and games. While the speed test conducted by same channel in past have ruled iPhone to be the winner since iPhone 6s, this time around, OnePlus 5 ended up launching the apps at a faster rate than its iOS counterpart.

Now, before you jump to any judgement, there are some things that should be taken into consideration. These speed tests are not definite indicators of a phone’s performance as they just take the timing of launching apps into consideration. The speed of copying files, performing certain tasks within the OS, or other aspects of performance were not taken into consideration in this speed test and therefore it cannot be termed conclusive by any means.

Further, one of the reasons why OnePlus was able to load apps faster than iPhone 7 Plus is its app animations, which are displayed while launching and closing apps. While iOS 10 has rather extensive animations that take you into and out of the app, OnePlus’ animations are shorter in comparison and end up giving the edge to the smartphone.

While OnePlus has been accused of manipulating the benchmark scores with OnePlus 5, there is no doubt that the smartphone indeed delivers snappy performance. As it packs an impressive 8GB of RAM and comes with the Snapdragon 835 SoC, it is hard to imagine that the smartphone can face hiccups in terms of performance.


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