New food labels to group sugars in ingredients list, aid comparison shopping

food labelling

OTTAWA — New food labelling amendments announced Wednesday by Health Canada are designed to make it easier to compare serving sizes on different products while shopping.

With the new labels, Canadians will also be able to tell how much sugar is in a product because the sugar-based ingredients will be grouped together.

The list of ingredients and allergen information will be easier to read and the common name of food colours must be specified rather than simply using the generic term “colour.”

The new labelling will also help consumers better understand the nutritional composition of a single product by using the per cent daily value (% DV). Packages will include a simple rule of thumb: five per cent is a little, 15 per cent is a lot.

But consumers may not see the new labels any time soon. The food industry has until 2021 to make these changes, which are being made after two years of consultations with consumers and stakeholders.

Earlier this fall, Health Canada announced the launch of revisions to Canada’s Food Guide. The agency is also consulting with Canadians on a proposal to introduce front-of-package labelling on foods that are high in sugars, sodium and saturated fat, along with a proposal to ban the use of industrial trans fat in foods.

Canadians can participate in consultations until Jan. 13.


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