Moscato Cupcakes Are Dessert Goals

Moscato Cupcakes Horizontal

If you’re new to Moscato, like I was, here’s the deal: it’s sweeter than champagne, fizzy AF, and very reasonably priced (see: cheap). And we’re not complaining. The sweetness, which may be slightly over the top when enjoyed straight up, lends itself perfectly to baking. Plus, rappers like Drake, Lil’ Kim, and Soulja Boy have all waxed poetic about the stuff, so you know it can’t be bad.

First things first, make your batter: add white cake mix to a large bowl and stir in a cup and a half of Moscato. That’s it! Scoop into a lined muffin tin, bake for about 20 minutes, and you’re done. The resulting cake is light (thanks, bubbles!) and super flavorful.

While the cupcakes cool, it’s time to make the boozy buttercream. Beat softened butter with powdered sugar, vanilla extract, a pinch of salt, and — because we can — more Moscato. Separate into two bowls, dye one light pink, and brace yourself for the coolest frosting trick ever.

Fit a pastry bag with a large star tip, place it inside of a tall cup, fold the bag over the cup (this helps to stabilize it), and spoon the white and pink frosting side by side. When you start piping, the ~magic~ happens. The colors blend together perfectly with results that’ll have you feeling like a pro baker. Sprinkle the frosted cupcakes with white nonpareils, which IMO look like tiny bubbles, and throw one back.


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