The Many Faces and Forms of Addiction

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Addiction isn’t a thing that’s easy to describe. There are many forms of addiction out there. People often hear the word “addiction” and immediately think of drugs and alcohol. While no doubt being the most dangerous type of addiction, substance abuse only represents a fraction of addiction types. People can get addicted to gambling at the casino and on the internet. They can get addicted to food and to feasting on fried meals and sweets at three in the morning. They can get addicted to smartphones and other gadgets. They can even get addicted to playing video games.

Addiction isn’t something that limits itself to certain kinds of individuals, either. It’s something that isn’t choosy and that can literally affect anyone. A young teenager may become a video game addict due to feelings of isolation and alienation in society. A mature adult who has children may become a sex addict as the result of feeling inadequate at work. The unpleasant and troubling possibilities are abundant.

If an individual wants to figure out how to beat an addiction, he or she has to first understand its roots. This is why the modern approach to treating substance abuse puts a tremendous emphasis on the individual; the heart of the addiction is somewhere in a person’s past, and everybody’s lives are different. For instance, the Newport beach recovery center Sandy’s Place only treats women, and from there devises treatment tailored to the individual woman. This is in contrast to the addiction treatment trends of the past, which focused heavily on getting patients to conform to a standard protocol for recovery, regardless of their specific circumstances or background. However, such treatment options for addiction are only viable if the person is willing to seek help.

Unfortunately, people who have intense addictions to something often start to lose touch with reality. They often live in states of denial. They make excuses for their behaviors. They start becoming compulsive liars to try to cover things up, too. A person who is addicted to playing slot machines in casinos may pretend to be on business trips. If a successful public relations manager has a gambling addiction, she may tell her spouse that she’s away on a business trip meeting clients in the Midwest. In reality, she may be on a weekend getaway to Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Lying isn’t at all unusual in addicts. Omitting the truth is even more typical in them, perhaps interestingly enough.

Addicts also frequently become detached from their everyday lives, as withdrawn behavior is a big part of addiction. Addicts often have such bizarre daily habits that they have no choice but to separate themselves from the others in their lives. A man who is a drug addict may start refusing to eat dinner with the rest of his family members. He may stop attending family functions during holidays. He may stop participating in all of the hobbies that interested him so much in the past as well.

Addiction also interferes greatly with a career. Professionals who used to be so responsive and committed to their jobs frequently become slackers. They show up late to the office in the morning. They no longer meet deadlines for massive projects. They neglect to make appearances at meetings. They no longer seem to be passionate about their work. This kind of behavior exists in all kinds of addicts. It exists in people who have food preoccupations that are strong and abnormal. It also exists in people who simply cannot put their cigarettes down.

Recovering from an addiction can be one of the toughest things possible. It’s hard for addicts of all varieties to acknowledge that they even have issues. Addicts who are able to be honest and admit that things need to change, though, often are able to do away with their demons. They’re in many cases able to heal and go back to balanced, productive and enjoyable daily lives. Addicts should all aspire to make positive and lasting changes.

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