Kolahpuri Thali: A Mouth-Watering Assortment of Veggies, Meat and Fish You Cannot Miss!

Kolahpuri Thali: A Mouth-Watering Assortment of Veggies, Meat and Fish You Cannot Miss!

The brave warriors, mighty kingdoms and the many architectural and cultural marvels, Maharashtra’s pride Kolahpur stands tall and proud in the making of India’s most glorious history. As it is the case with every historical state in the country, Kolahpur too boasts of its own rich culinary gems that have caught the fancy of many food lovers from both home and abroad, across centuries. And, if you want a tryst of the true deal, you must try the robust and flavoursome Kolahpuri Thali.

A Kolahpuri thali can be easily found in any local eatery of Maharashtra. The thali is every meat lover’s dream come true.  The rich melange of  Kolahpuri masalas can get a tad too hot for those who like their food on a mellower side. Fret not, the thali also comes with soothing broths like Pandhra rassa – a meat broth flavoured with coconut milk, poppy seeds and more. The fine balance and play of flavours makes Kolahpuri Thali one of the most complete thalis of the subcontinent.

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The traditional thali includes the somber Sol kadhi, Kosimbir, Bhakri roti (a millet flatbread), rice, Bharli Vangi (stuffed brinjal), pitla (thick chickpea flour curry), Amti (spicy and tangy toor lentil), crispy Mutton fry, Pandhra Rassa (meat in white coconut based gravy with hints of poppy seeds) and Tambda Rassa (red fiery meat gravy). Tambda means red in Marathi and a glance at the gravy bursting with piping hot chillies and flavours, is enough to explain why the dish is named so. If you prefer chicken over mutton, then you can also order these two hearty preparations in chicken. Traditionally speaking, Kolahpuri food is more bent towards mutton, which they consider a better and wholesome meat.  Another interesting facet of Kolahpuri thali, which you’ll come across in many Maharashtrian households or local eateries, is their style of serving the roti (bread). Roti when served is already cut into pieces, a loving gesture to ensure you don’t make much effort in trying to tear the roti, and focus more on the enjoying the meal in front of you!

Established on the banks of the Panchaganga River, it is only natural for Kolahpur to boast of some of the country’s best sea-food fare. Seer, mackerel, pomfret, prawns and crabs, you have them all and in abundance. The fish curry generally made of seer fish, the bangda or mackeral fish fry or the dry and spicy Prawn Sukka are some of the star attractions of the wholesome thali.

vati of aamras or desserts like kheer and basundi (sweetened dense milk dessert) further lends a perfect end to this sumptuous culinary delight.
So the next time you are in Kolahpur or in the interiors of Maharashtra make sure you have your fill of this culinary marvel and let us know how you liked it.





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