All about Japan’s green tea and more: 5 most effective drinks that help in weight loss

People who drink more water tend to lose more kilos shows research.

Before we tell you what are the fluids that can help you lose weight, here are some of the things that won’t. Say goodbye to diet drinks and soda which are filled with carbon dioxide and trigger a hunger hormone which lead to over-eating and weight gain.

Instead, here’s a list of 5 drinks to incorporate in your diet:

Matcha green tea can help boost memory and lose weight.

*Matcha tea: This green tea from Japan is the latest health food ingredient. And among its many benefits which range from boosting memory to helping you relax, it also helps in weight loss.

* Water: Research shows that consuming more than 1 litre of water a day can boost weight loss, and participants who increased water intake lost more pounds.

Coconut water suppresses the appetite. (iStockphoto)

* Coconut water: It suppresses appetite, flushes out excess water and helps you feel satiated and thus, helps you lose the extra kilos. It also prevents indigestion by reducing acid reflux.

Turmeric lemon tea detoxifies the body. (Shutterstock)

* Turmeric lemon tea: You can make it by mixing turmeric powder, tea leaves and cinnamon in water and boiling. Once cool, add lemon juice and drink warm or cold. This drink can detoxify your body and help reduce weight.

Vegetable juices cleanse the body. (Shutterstock)

* Vegetable juices:Fruit juices are often saturated with sugar. Instead opt for vegetable juices which can cleanse the body and fortify you with vitamins and minerals as well as help you lose weight.




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