India: Teachers warn of strike action over conditions

The Himachal Pradesh School Lecturer Association in India has warned of its intention to strike, with a hunger strike also being considered, in a reaction to the public authorities’ lack of responsiveness in addressing demands concerning teachers’ status.


On 11 August, leaders of the Himachal Pradesh School Lecturer Association (HPSLA) unanimously adopted a resolution saying that if their long-standing demands to public authorities are not met within 40 days, the education union will stage a strike on 7 October. The decision was made at a meeting in the Chamba district at which it was also agreed that hunger strike action was also a possibility. The HPSLA is a member organisation of the All Indian Federation of Teachers Organisation (AIFTO).

Among its demands, HPSLA asks for amendments to promotion rules for school principals and pension benefits for contract teachers/para-teachers who were regularised after 2003 and under contract before 2003, as per a court’s decision.

“The Director of Higher Education has not sent even a single proposal in favour of teachers in spite of repeated directions from the Minister,” highlighted HPSLA President Ashwani Kumar.

 [Source:-Education International]

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