Improve your company’s financial health by ensuring your employees’ health

If you turn the right corner at the City of Kansas City’s city hall, you’ll see a glimpse into the future of health care.

Inside a small exam room staffed by a registered nurse (RN) sits a digital kiosk. This digital kiosk has taken the place of an on-site physician for more than a year and a half.

The technology, part of an advanced on-site telemedicine clinic, saves the city thousands of dollars by centralizing care while also increasing employee productivity through reduced absenteeism, increased morale and a healthier workforce.

An on-site telemedicine clinic — like the one in City Hall operated by Mosaic Life Care Business Solution —is a health-care clinic located within a company’s building. Telemedicine is the equivalent of Skyping with a primary care physician for nearly any common ailment you would go to a walk-in clinic for.

The doctor (who is off-site at his or her primary office) is aided by the RN who is on-site with the patient. The nurse can assess initial vitals and display video and photographic renderings of the patient’s symptoms. The doctor is able to diagnose and provide treatment options, and even fill prescriptions remotely.

Lowering employer costs

On-site telemedicine clinics can lower the employer’s cost of providing health insurance by functioning as an alternative to higher-cost routine care. Furthermore, leveraging on-site telemedicine technology costs less than paying a doctor’s salary in a traditional employer on-site clinic.

Aside from directly saving a company money on health-care costs, an on-site telemedicine clinic can indirectly save an organization even more money by reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity.

Employees and companies alike are looking for more convenient ways to manage their health while balancing their busy schedules. Access to an on-site telemedicine clinic solves a big part of that equation.

By offering a clinic at your office where employees can take care of minor health care issues, you can reduce the amount of time employees are away from their desks for health reasons. Even a simple wellness visit can cost an employee up to four hours away from work. If an employee suffers from a chronic condition that requires regular checkups, time away from work adds up quickly. With an on-site telemedicine clinic, the time required for a doctor’s appointment is minimized, therefore the employee can focus on work instead of how much paid time off they have left.

Changing the culture

Employers know that wellness is important, but in many cases it means changing the culture, and getting your employees to buy into a culture of wellness, too. The immediacy of care that accompanies an on-site telemedicine clinic demonstrates a company’s commitment to the health of its employees.

An on-site telemedicine clinic also increases productivity by boosting employee morale. With on-site access to local physician expertise, employees don’t have to worry about when or where to see a doctor. Nor do they have to pay excessive fees for an urgent care visit if their primary care provider can’t fit them in quickly. Time and money are two things that can significantly impact an employee’s attitude toward life and work.

Last, by offering on-site clinic resources for regular wellness visits, employers can increase productivity, because it helps keep employees healthier and happier, and healthy, happy employees work harder. In today’s economy, people are a company’s most valuable resource. An on-site telemedicine clinic is one way to ensure your employees are well-taken care of.

[Source:-Kanas Business City]

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