Fusion of oriental flavours

Fusion of oriental flavours

Paranthe Wali Galli by Bon — a relatively new venture, owned and headed by chef Rahul Arora, is Kolkata’s take on
paranthas. The best part is that he operates based on the customer feedback.

The menu is shaped around what you like and what you want. The number of options they present on the menu is guaranteed to outnumber your wants, especially after the new additions to his already diverse options.

Just imagine a menu that is constantly being added to and changed. You can never be bored of this place. The cherry on top, actually the two cherries on top are the facts that it is really reasonably priced and that it offers sweet paranthas as well!

The new menu includes Schezwan keema, bokchoy garlic parantha, Wai wai parantha, Hawaiian chicken, cheese
parantha and Orange chocolate parantha.

The schezwan flavour adds a spicy oriental taste to the keema and goes super well with the bokchoy garlic parantha and surprisingly the Hawaiian parantha as well. The best part about the food is that the flavours do not clash, every dish complements the other.

This is because chef Arora has mastered the art of preserving the original taste of his ingredients. The taste of garlic and the full range of bokchoy flavour can be experienced along with the basic taste of the parantha.

He combines this Indian staple with completely different cuisines and it sounds crazy at first, but it is guaranteed to blow your mind! A must try for all parantha enthusiasts and anyone with a sense of adventure in food.




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