Food processing training in Dimapur

Food processing training in Dimapur

Thirty women representatives from 14 SHGs of The Working Woman Project, Dimapur-2 were trained in two batches to make potato edibles like chips, wedges, fresh and frozen fries, potato flour and tapioca/cassava related products from December 27, 2018 to January 12, 2019 at Indisen village, Dimapur.

The training was conducted by Zatara Private Limited and funded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmer’s welfare, Skill India, STRY program under National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management (MANAGE); and State Agricultural Management and Extension Training Institution (SAMETI), Nagaland.

The trainees were taught basic knowledge of food preservation, processing, packaging, FSSAI standards and regulations, branding and marketing of products by Sentinaro Alley, Washipong Longkumer and Tia Jamir of Zatara.

The first batch of training was held from December 20 to 22, 2018 and was attended by the following SHGs: Friends SHG, Kevija-u colony; Mercy SHG, Residency Colony; Mha SHG, Notun Basti; Mixed SHG and Oremtsur SHG, Lengrijan; Sahei SHG, SM Colony; and Vision SHG- Ura Villa Colony.

The second batch of training was held from January 7 to 12, 2019 and was attended by the following SHGs: Kijungtsur SHG, Mon Basti; Lifespring SHG and Sunshine SHG, Notun Basti; Eyenri SHG and Pvupumro  Kyong Colony; Empowering SHG, Midland; and Takoker SHG, Boro Lengrijan.


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