Food investments

As February is a month of budgets — or namely, the Budget — it made me think about food in a similar way. If getting the best out of your investments is indeed the goal, why not maximise the time and resources spent on food? The fact is that all food aren’t created equal and some do absolutely nothing for either your well-being or your health. To that end, I thought I’d chime in with those that offer the best returns on investment.


I think one the biggest and most consistent reactions from my clients is one of shock when I prescribe a healthy dose of carbs on my meal plans. So many people are shocked that I prescribe pretty much everything in moderation, including rice (starchy water drained out), pasta (same), bread, rotis, rava and noodles. Carbs are fuel, carbs are beautiful, they spare my proteins for its important functions and, eaten in moderation, work beautifully to provide you with better sleep, more energy, and leave you with a better mood.

Antioxidant-rich Food

Antioxidant foods combat disease and ageing. Environmental stressors, unhealthy foods, excessive drinking as well as smoking, elevate the levels of free radicals in our bodies. While some amount of free radicals are naturally flushed out, an excess of free radicals in the body have been linked to cancer and ageing. Fruits, vegetables and vegetable juices are packed with antioxidants.

Egg Whites

Clocking in at 16 calories per egg white, this food is the best source of protein in existence. Egg white is a 100% reference protein, which basically means that 100% of the protein in it is absorbed by your body, making it a very efficient food to eat. Quinoa is another great complete protein, and is an alternative for vegetarians.


When it comes to investments, water is the best kind of SIP. Research shows that water helps your body burn more calories, produce bile (that in turn digests fat), and also helps you feel fuller.Probiotics


Probiotics (derived from ‘pro’ and ‘biota’, which means ‘for life’) are friendly microorganisms that are essentially good bacteria and help with digestion, hunger management, absorption and elimination. Probiotic drinks are available as standalone foods, and even probiotic enhanced milk/ milk products are available as well. Drink up. Eat well.


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