‘Food is my drug’: Loose Women’s Nadia Sawalha reveals she has an eating disorder

The mum-of-two, 52, has said that she’s always been an emotional eater and will turn to food in the way that some others turn to alcohol when they’re feeling down.

Opening up about her struggles, TV chef Nadia told Best magazine: “Some people turn to gin, I turn to food! It’s what I call ’emotional eating’. You can be addicted to anything – alcohol, sex… But people don’t seem to agree that you can be addicted to food. I am happy now, but every day I meditate and exercise – I have things in place to help me stay on track.”

Nadia has bravely opened up about how food is her ‘drug’ (Image: ITV)
She didn’t realise it was an issue until she went to Overeaters Anonymous (Image: ITV)

Nadia, who is mum to Maddie, 14, and Kiki, 10, with husband Mark Adderley, told the mag she’s had a problem with food for years, having used it as an emotional crutch.

“It’s my favourite drug,” she said. “If I was sad, lonely, nervous, I’d turn to food. It wasn’t until I went to Overeaters Anonymous that I realised it was a ‘thing’.

“It doesn’t mean I never binge, but it doesn’t get a grip on me like it used to, because I recognise it. If you’re stressed and reaching for biscuits, the worst thing you can do is give in.”

Nadia now takes measures to prevent her binges before they happen, admitting that she can’t keep disgestive biscuits in the house because she’d “scoff the lot”.


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