Filling Vacancies at the Last Moment

When you rely on temporary staff members for your business’s daily operations, you might want to connect with an agency that can send over a steady supply of talent. Even with this partnership, however, you still might experience last minute vacancies that need to be filled.

Instead of letting these positions remain empty, you could get the talent you need to fill them by contacting the agency on the website. By partnering with trade organizations, local newspapers, and the best recruiting firms boston business owners like you may be able to stay fully staffed throughout the week.

Vetting Local Talent

As a business owner, you may not have a lot of time each day to interview applicants for jobs. You need to stay focused on other tasks like meeting with clients, coordinating vendors, and providing customer service. You do not have time to pore over applications that come into your company.

Instead, you may want to entrust the recruitment of talent for your business to a company that specializes in hiring people for vacancies. The company can match up applicants to the positions you have open. It can also interview them and perform background checks and drug tests if you require this level of vetting.

Once the people pass their interviews and checks, they can then be dispatched to your business’s location. They can get started right away with training and performing the jobs for which you need them at least on a temporary basis.

Temporary to Permanent Help

You also may be open to the possibility of hiring some of the new recruits on a permanent basis if they meet or exceed your expectations. You can let the agency know that you are on the lookout for permanent talent and welcome the chance to hire people for long term contracts as long as they show promise as temporary employees.

The agency can take the vetting up a notch to make sure you are given the best talent for the positions you have open right now. You may be able to save on hiring expenses and having to train a constant flow of temp hires by being open to permanent recruiting through the company.

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