Everything a New Mother Needs in Her To-Go Bag

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There is a lot to think about when it comes to your to-go or diaper bag. What do you bring? How much do you need? Even considerations about the bag itself and how comfortable it is to wear will become an issue. The more you have, the more you will be prepared, the easier you can handle any emergency when you are on the go. The only issue is that bringing everything from home is simply not possible. That is why you need to edit back and bring only the essentials.

Tools for the Changing Room 

The rule of thumb is to take one diaper for every hour you plan on being out with your baby. This way you have more than enough provisions to keep you baby dry and feeling great. To do this, bring a changing pad or blanket to keep your baby comfortable on the changing table, have your choice of dry wipes on hand – you can wet them later – to make the cleaning process easier. Just remember to choose environmentally friendly ones that can be flushed. From there, it is up to you. Bring diaper rash cream, plastic bags to keep soiled diapers if yours are reusable, and other items to make the process more comfortable for your baby.

Food for Your Baby

The type of food you bring will depend entirely on your child’s age. This could range from a bottle, or even just a bib to breast feed comfortably in public. Either way, expect your child to become hungry when you are on the go.

Extra Clothes

Diaper changing is not the only event that can occur when you are on the go. For babies, throw up and spittle could cause just as much distress as a soiled diaper. That is why having extra outfits can be a god-send so that you can keep your child clean and comfortable throughout the day, and no matter what happens.

Toys and Other Gadgets

Keeping a child distracted is a great way to bring them along while you go on errands. Again, the type of toy will depend entirely on your child’s age. Babies can make do with a rattle and a pacifier, for example, whereas toddlers will likely need more interactive toys to keep them interested and engaged.

Items You Need for Weather

Sunscreen is critical for babies and toddlers whenever you go out into the sun. Their skin is very fragile, and the sun’s harmful UV rays could cause a lot of damage. No one wants a sun burnt baby. The same applies to other weather situations. Having a plastic cover to put over your stroller, warm blankets, and even a heating pad under the mattress can all do wonders to keep your baby nice and warm during winter months.

Being prepared only means having the tools you need to do your job. It will help you, and help keep your baby comfortable and healthy. Don’t worry about getting it right immediately, you will learn what you need less of and more of as time goes on.

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