Drop-in Bed Liner VS Spray-on Bed Liner

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Ah yes, you have just gotten your hands on a new truck. A truck can be a great vehicle with multiple uses and purposes. It is understandable you want the best accessories and features. It is beautiful, came with one of the most intricately finished paint jobs and that truck bed just looks immaculate. It would be a shame if something were to damage the truck bed, wouldn’t it? That tends to happen when you put your truck through the ropes and use the truck bed to haul something very heavy. Imagine all the horror of what happens when the heavy cargo shifts and rolls around in the back of the truck as it scratches the surface. Does not seem pretty nice, does it? Well, you can avoid it if you are willing to make an effort to protect your investment in the new truck.

You might have heard of how bed liners offer you a miraculous solution to protect your precious truck’s bed. Well, there are two different kinds of bed liners and they have been a part of a dilemma for truck owners for a while: Drop-in bed liners and Spray-on bed liners.

Both of them present their own qualities which you should consider when making the decision to go for either of the two options.

The Main Difference between Drop-in and Spray-on Bed Liners

The main difference between the two different types of bed liners for trucks is that a drop-in bed liner is a plastic shell, which is made to fit onto the surface of the truck’s bed. The spray-on bed liner is a thick and rubber-like material, which is sprayed on the truck bed’s surface.

Drop-in Bed Liners

Now, drop-in bed liners are essentially the easier of the two when it comes to installation. They do not require specialized training to spray on and they are installed by bolting them to secure them to the truck bed.

The real beauty about it is the fact that you can remove it if you want to swap it out or if you feel like you do not need it, you can remove it. Then there is the fact that the drop-in bed liner for your truck tend to be comparatively cheaper than the spray-on bed liners.

Of course, not everything is perfect. There are a few key issues with drop-in bed liners. While they do a good job of protecting the truck’s bed from damage, installing them can cause some damage too. You see, to bolt them on to the bed of the truck, you kind of also need to drill the holes for the bolts that will keep it in place.

Then there is the fact that it leaves some spaces and gaps in places where water and dirt can accumulate over a period of time. If that isn’t cleaned on a regular basis, you can expect your drop-in bed liner to contribute to damaging the truck bed rather than protecting it from the elements.

Spray-on Bed Liners

Spray-on bed liners present a lot of advantages, but we will talk about some negative points first. Spray-on bed liners are a permanent deal. Once you have it installed, removing it is not easy. The second concern with spray-on bed liners is that they are pretty much one of the premium protection solutions for your truck’s bed. They tend to be pretty expensive compared to your average drop-in bed liner.

That being said, the advantages might change your mind about the spray-on bed liners. First of all, spray-on bed liners present a lot of options for you to consider when it comes to the color, the finish and the strength you want the coating to be. This allows you to choose the coating which will suit your needs the best and they will not mess with the aesthetics. You can view options for the kind of spray-on bed liner you want to make a good decision.

The fact that they are permanent also happens to be the biggest advantage. When you get a spray-on bed liner, you can expect it to last pretty long. The mixture of polyurethane is pretty tough, and it can prevent damage to the truck’s bed pretty effectively.

The spray-on bed liner also does not leave any space between the surface of the truck bed and the protective layer. This means there is no space for water and dirt to accumulate over a long period of time, essentially reducing the chances of damage even further.

A spray-on bed liner also reduces the problem of cargo sliding depending on exactly which option you go for. You see the rubber-like consistency of the coating and texture of the spray- on bed liner can make it harder for the cargo to shift around while you are transporting it.

You will have plenty more usable space in your truck’s bed compared to drop-in bed liner. This is because the drop-in bed liner needs you to install it using bolts and when you do that, you are installing a plastic shell within the bed. The spray-on bed liner is going to spray on directly to the surface of the bed without the worry of taking up any space.

Which One Should You Choose?

Weighing the pros and cons of both drop-in bed liners and spray-on bed liners is pretty much going to show that there is just one winner. The spray-on bed liner might cost you a little more up front, but the long-term advantages will definitely offset the cost of getting it in the first place.

Where the drop-in bed liner can actually lead to damage if it is left on for too long without proper maintenance, the spray-on bed liner prevents any and all kinds of damage to the truck’s bed. If you do not plan on keeping the truck for a very long time, you can consider the drop-in option, but for those who plan on using their truck for a while, spray-on is the best option to consider.

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