Diwali Recipes: 9 Dishes from Popular Restaurants You Can Make at Home

Diwali Recipes: 9 Dishes from Popular Restaurants You Can Make at Home

Diwali is right around the corner and we are eagerly waiting to celebrate and gorge on some delicious food. The quintessential Diwali parties have already begun and people are busy merry making and attending to guests. But some of us may feel overwhelmed with all the planning and preparation that may go into making your home party a hit. A simple recipe for success is to make sure that you serve great food that will keep your guests happy and entertained. Good food can easily bring everyone together. To help you out here, we’ve sourced very interesting recipes from popular restaurants in the country that you can easily recreate at home and impress every one.

1. Faldhari Badam Ki Burfi
Recipe by Chef Anil Dahiya, Bristol Gurgaon

A delicious and nutty barfi with flavours of cardamom and nutmeg. You can prepare this in advance and store for your unexpected guests during the festive season.


A delicious and nutty barfi with flavours of cardamom and nutmeg.​

2. Jaggery Jamun
Recipe by Chef Kasiviswanathan, Radisson Blu Atria Bengaluru

An interesting twist to the regular gulab jamun these ones use jaggery instead of sugar which adds a unique smoky flavour.

jaggery jamun

An interesting twist to the regular gulab jamun​.

3. Jumbo Jalebi with Fennel Yogurt Pudding
Recipe by Chef Prem Kumar Pogakula, The Imprerial, New Delhi

There’s nothing better than hot jalebi made fresh right before serving. This huge one will easily make a group of people happy. Try this version at home and serve with a spiced yogurt pudding instead of the regular rabri.  

jumbo jalebi

There’s nothing better than hot jalebi made fresh right before serving.​

4. Saffron Cardamom Panacotta
Recipe by Chef Simranjeet Grover,  The Leela Palace, New Delhi

A panacotta is a delicate and delicious Italian dessert. Give it a festive touch by spicing it up with cardamom and saffron. Your guests are going to love this desi twist.


A panacotta is a delicate and delicious Italian dessert.​

5. Rice Kheer Sushi
Recipe by Chef Gaurav Raghuvanshi, Philtre – The Bistro, Gurugram

Here’s our very own desi version of the Japanese sushi. Made with nuts, milk, Basmati rice, rose petals and then coated with a layer of dark chocolate replacing the seaweed, this bite-sized is a totally stunner.

rice kheer sushi

Here’s our very own desi version of the Japanese sushi.

6. Khas Khas Halwa
Recipe by Chef Sandeep Rane, Hitchki, Mumbai

A warm and rich halwa served with crunchy and caramelized nuts and a scoop of ice cream.

khas khas halwa

A warm and rich halwa made with poppy seeds.

7. Kachori Upside Down
Recipe by Chef Sunny Punjabi, Dishkiyaaon, Mumbai

Khasta kachoris stuffed with an eclectic mix of chickpeas, onions, tomatoes and lots of masalas and served with curd, guacamole and salsa. What a twist!


The famous street food served in a unique way. 

8. Mutton Beliram
Recipe by Chef Gurpreet Singh, Punjab Grill, New Delhi

Mutton Beliram is a legendary meat curry from Punjab which was originally prepared by a great cook named Beli Ram who is known to have headed the royal kitchen of Maharaja Ranjit Singh of Patiala. It is a favourite in most North Indian restaurants and you must try it at home.


Mutton Beliram is a legendary meat curry from Punjab. 

9. Aanarsa
Recipe by Chef Ranveer Brar

Aanarsa is a popular Maharashtrian snack that is commonly enjoyed during Diwali time. It is a simple but delicious snack made with rice, jaggery, desi ghee, milk and poppy seeds.


Aanarsa is a popular Maharashtrian snack.

Try these fantastic restaurant recipes for your Diwali party and impress everyone with your cooking skills and innovative ideas.




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