Would You Choose to Eat the Fluffiest Omelette from Japan?

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Eggs are an integral part of our diet, they can be cooked in a variety of fun and creative ways and are enjoyed any time of the day, be it lunch, snack-time or breakfast. Eggs also makes for an excellent source of inexpensive and high-quality protein along with other health promoting nutrients important for the body. So, what’s the most creative way you have made an egg? Adding lots of cheese to it, making cloud shaped eggs or perhaps a devilled egg? What you may not have made so far is an omelette so fluffy and light that it makes every egg-lover’s dream come true. La Mere Poulard, a Tokyo based restaurant recently introduced an omelette that has created quite a stir amongst its patrons. The dish is fast becoming a hit with the restaurant’s new and old customers, many of whom have taken to social media to share their experiences of enjoying this jiggly, meringue like omelette.

The restaurant serves its famous and huge foamy ‘fluffy omelette’ that gives you a perception that it is made of meringue. It is crispy on the outside and slightly salty, and as you dig in you will find cooked and foamy egg inside.


The omelette is served with sautéed vegetables like broccoli, potatoes, beans, mushrooms and others along with a sauce to make it a perfect meal. The interesting part about its making is the way egg whites are whipped until they turn foamy and then add the yolks. Not just this, the whipping of eggs is musical and the customers can actually listen to the loud yet melodic whipping from outside as they enjoy their share of this fluffiness.


It is said that these fluffy omelettes actually originated in France and this restaurant, which has various branches has been making these omelettes for about 200 years now. These lovely omelettes are also known as soufflé omelettes, considering their fluffiness equivalent to that of a perfectly made soufflé.


This restaurant may have a secret recipe, but we can make a fluffy one at home too; not as fluffy as this, but surely a foamy omelette that you would love to devour on. The trick is to whip egg white along with cream of tartar until it rises up to the brim of your saucepan. In another bowl beat the egg yolks and salt until they turn thick and lemon coloured. Gently, fold the yolks into the whites. Now, heat a dollop of butter on a saucepan and pour the mixture on it and cook on medium flame and witness the fluff it becomes in no time. Do not flip the omelette and let it cook on just one side; it will eventually be cooked on the other side. Now bake the omelette for about 10 to 12 minutes. To see if the omelette is completely cooked from the inside, just insert a knife to check if it’s cooked completely.





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