How to Cheer Up Children After a Big Move

When a family uproots and moves far away from everything that the children know, it can be incredibly stressful. The children may resent their parents for the move; they might even slip into depression over lost friends and rough transitions between schools. Cheering up children can be a slippery slope, but they will become accustomed to their new home in due time.

Enrolling In Classes or Extracurricular Activities

Enrolling a child in classes pertaining to his or her interests is the perfect distraction for an upset child. Whether the child is interested in learning how to play piano, intrigued by martial arts, or in love with ballet dancing, fuel the child’s desire to learn something new. Extracurricular activities at the new school is a great way for the child to meet like minded peers who could become close friends as time goes by.

Splurge on Hobbies

Retreating into passions and hobbies is a healthy way to thwart boredom, stress, and depression. If a child loves to garden, perhaps it would be a good idea to build garden beds for flowers and vegetables. If the child loves building miniaturized replicas of cars, buildings, and machines, try purchasing some building kits. Staying busy with beloved hobbies will help ease the children into a positive transition.

Visit Local Events

Local events are always fun, especially when they involve music, food, dancing, and playing. Checking out interesting San Fernando Valley events might lead to several different surprise activities for the kids. Many events tend to be free, especially festivals and playful children’s events. Parents can discuss lists of local events and vote to decide which ones sound the most exciting.

New Family Fun Nights

With the family suffering from added stress, it is most definitely an excellent idea to add more fun. After a hectic move, strict schedules and rituals can help to calm the mind. Try having two weekly family fun nights; one could be at home while another could be out on the town. At home, the family can have a movie night with pillow forts, individually created pizzas, or a board game event. For a night out, the family could have a nice dinner, go out to see a play, or go to the local sports complex.

The mental stress of a move can take quite the toll on children. However, there are so many things that parents can do to help ease the process and lessen the pain.

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