How CBSE Students Can Crack The Board Exams?

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If you are a CBSE student preparing for your board exams, you will find this article relatively helpful. Here, we have tried to give some important tips for the CBSE students to top the Class 10 and 12 board exams. If you are a class 10 or 12 student, you will understand the need to begin your studies by going through the syllabus first.

Tips To Score In Class 10 and Class 12 Exams

By reading through the cbse syllabus for class 12, you will grasp the concepts and topics taught under each subject for the class. After this, you can prepare well for the exams, by preparing ahead on the basis of your knowledge gap about a subject. Some of the resources that can help you to study well for the exams includes the previous year question papers and sample papers, as well. 

  • Do not study for long hours– It is better not to study for long hours as you could be bored and lose interest in studies. However, if you study for short periods of time with proper concentration, you might be able to score more in the exams.
  • Solve as many sample papers as you can– This gives you practice in solving question papers and also helps you to face the exams with more confidence, as you get more familiar with the question pattern.
  • Solve Previous Year Board Question Papers– Know the exact exam pattern, marking scheme and time allotment per section, so that you can prepare ahead for the board exams more effectively.
  • Revise your papers well ahead of time– Always learn what is taught in class that day itself, so that the time before your exams can be spend in revising for the boards. Be thorough with the subjects.
  • Do not be too tense and focus on studies- Avoid all the unnecessary tensions and take care to focus on your studies so that you can score well in the exams.

You may have found it quite challenging to crack your class 12 or even class 10 mathematics subject. This might require a lot of practice and that is why it is advisable to solve the cbse sample paper for class 10 maths. It will provide you with enough practice and also give you a clear idea about the exam pattern and type of questions to expect in the board exams.

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