Breakfast in Old Delhi: 7 Lip-Smacking Dishes to Kickstart Your Day

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Old Delhi maybe intimidating because of the swarm of people that throng the narrow streets and the chaos that seems to be perpetual, but for those who are really passionate about food, it is the ultimate hub to savour the best of desiflavours. There are so many nooks and corners with legendary food stalls that making your way through the madness to sample mouthwatering delights once in awhile is definitely worthwhile. That too at old-time prices that allow you to feast like a king in under 500 Rupees. Where else can you get a plate of Halwa-Poori for 10 Rupees or a Nali Nihari for 30 Rupees? While thechaatsand sweets of Old Delhi are popularly known already, the breakfast options at this food destination are also a must-try.

Take a break from cafe-style breakfast and team up with fellow food lovers for a food trip to old Delhi. Here are some of the best breakfast items you can try for a delicious start to your day.

1. Bedmi Poori

One of the simple joys in life is to bite into fluffy hot pooris after dousing it in spicy Aloo Subzi. The satisfaction is hard to match up to. In Old Delhi, the Bedmi Poori is a favourite breakfast item. The poori is unlike the typical one as it is made with coarse wheat flour and has a stuffing of spices and lentils (dal ki pithi). It is served with steaming Aloo Subzi or even Sitaphal ki Subzi on Sundays, and Gajar ka Achar.

Where: It’s available in many stalls but some of the most popular ones include Shyam Sweets and Radhe Shyam Shiv Misthan Bhandar

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Simple joys in life is to bite into fluffy hot pooris after dousing it in spicy Aloo Subzi.

2. Halwa Nagori

Love golgappas? Halwa Nagori is a variant of it but stuffed with a filling of halwa, another favourite breakfast option in Old Delhi. The poori or mathri is made usingsemolina or sooji and is delightfully crunchy, which pairs effortlessly with the rich, ghee-laden halwa. In some places the halwa is flavoured with kesar or saffron and topped with nuts.

Where: Shiv Misthan Bhandar and Shyam Sweets

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Halwa Nagori is a variant of gol gappas but stuffed with a filling of halwa​.

3. Paratha

You cannot go to Old Delhi and not sample North India’s all-time favourite breakfast – stuffedparathasParathawali Gali in Old Delhi is legendary for its range of parathaswhich are stuffed with all sorts of fillings and spices. Some unique preparations include Papad Paratha, Karela Paratha, Banana Paratha and Rabri Paratha. These parathas are, however, not like the ones available elsewhere in Delhi because they are deep-fried rather than toasting them on a tawa.

Where: There are tons of the shop in the lane such as Babu Ram Devi Dayal

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You cannot go to Old Delhi and not sample North India’s all-time favourite breakfast – stuffed parathas.

4. Nalli Nihari

For some it maybe a bit much to kickstart the day with meaty dishes, but for true meat lovers, a plate of buttery Nalli Nihari with hot Khameeri Roti is the ultimate protein fix. Said to be the breakfast staple of the Mughal army, the nihari is left to slow cook overnight when the meat melts down completely to merge with the texture of the stew. It is often teamed with bheja and topped with ginger julienne, chopped coriander leaves, green chilies and ghee. Douse the roti in this and it is pure bliss.

Where: Haji Shabrati Nihariwale and Kallu Nihariwale

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A plate of buttery Nalli Nihari with hot Khameeri Roti is the ultimate protein fix.​

5. Chole Kulcha

If you are a spice lover then Chole Kulcha is bound to be your favourite breakfast dish. In Old Delhi, you will come across various street vendors selling this piping hot item to a throng of people. The dark hue of the chole, said to be obtained by using tea liquor in the masala mix, makes it tempting, and teaming it with fluffy kulcha is a great way to savour its flavours.

Where: Lotan Chholey Kulcha Wala
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6. Haleem

Love porridge? Then you need to try the old-time meaty variant – the Haleem. Subtle in flavours, this dish is a great energy booster and keeps one feeling full for longer. Mutton is combined with dalia, lentils and spices, and slow cooked for hours to get a rich and buttery Haleem. It is then topped with fresh coriander, sliced onions and a squeeze of lime, and had on its own.

Where: Bundu Haleem Wala

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You need to try the old-time meaty variant – the Haleem.

7. Kachori 

The most popular Indian fried snack is also enjoyed as a breakfast item. Broken Kachori topped with hot Aloo Subzi is readily available as breakfast in the lanes of Old Delhi. The Kachoris are stuffed with spices and lentils, a favourite being Matar Kachori. The mishmash of textures makes this dish rather enjoyable and a great way to start the day. Cool down with a glass of lassipost the indulgence.

Where: Jung Bahadur Kachori Wala

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Go on and indulge in these lip-smacking breakfast treats during your food expedition to Old Delhi. From Kachoris to Bedmi Pooris, Nalli Nihari to Haleem, there is no dearth of options for food lovers. Start early to beat the crowd and once you have had your fill of spicy treats, you can make your way to the famous sweet shops or lassi stalls in the vicinity to cool down. And who knows, perhaps you will come across many more interesting treats in your walk through the old lanes. That’s Old Delhi for you!





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