Bombay Chappati Sandwich: The Easy Cheesy Desi Treat

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We hate wasting our food. In some form of the other, to whatever extent possible, we try making the most of our leftovers. India has given the world of food some of the most ingenious ways out of waste. For instance, take the case of ‘chenna’, the crumbly, feather-light substance derived out of curdled milk, which brought about a revolution in Bengali confectionary. Shahi Tukda, the Mughlai culinary masterpiece that made use of left over breads to come up with a melt-in-the-mouth delicacy. One such delicious dish making use of left over chapatis and common household ingredients is Bombay Chapatti sandwich also called a layered Chapatti Pizza.


What is a Bombay Chapatti Sandwich?


Is it a form of pizza? Or a sandwich? You really can’t tell at one go. But what you can tell is that Bombay Chapatti sandwich is a treat for all those who love fusion cooking and love experimenting and making the most of what they have in their kitchen pantry. And guess what? It is a hit amongst kids too. All you need are some left over chappatis, line them with cheese, capsicum, jalapeno or any toppings of your liking, stack them together and cook it on low flame. And there you have it! Quick, fully loaded and oh-so cheesy Bombay Chapatti sandwich!

You would find it being sold at several street side shops across Maharashtra, but the Bombay Chapatti sandwich is a hit snack to make at home too. The Sandwich takes about 15 minutes for the preparation and 2 minutes for cooking and is a perfect snack for those who don’t boast of the best cooking skills but love eating all things good and yummy anyway!

How To Get The Bombay Sandwich Right.


1. Take 3 left over rotis or parathas, put the rotis on the tava, add a bit of ghee or butter on it.


2. Smear the rotis with some mint coriander and garlic chutney.


3. Next comes the veggies and toppings of your choice. Pick anything from capsicum, cucumber, tomatoes or cooked mushrooms- they all go very well with the sandwich.


4. Top it up with generous sprinkling of grated cheese. Some pepper, chilli flakes and oregano, will further add to the flavor and taste.


5. Now place the second roti on top of this and repeat the process. And finally cover it with the last roti.


6. Make sure you don’t attempt this on thin rotis, the base needs to be a little thick.


7. Cover the sandwich with a lid while putting the flame in low. Let the ingredients cook, cheese melt and the base become crisper, and your mouth-watering Bombay Chappatti sandwich is ready!


Next time you run out of breads to make a sandwich or simply don’t want your children to take in the processed bread and want to make boring chapatis fun for them, treat them to this innovative dish everyone calls the Bombay Chapatti sandwich. They will love it!





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