Black bear unimpressed by van, destroys owner’s pickup truck instead

A Michigan man received a reminder to keep his doors locked when a black bear got into two of his vehicles and destroyed the interior of his truck.

Claude Conn of Montmorency County said he woke up during the weekend to his truck’s lights flashing, and a further inspection revealed a black bear had gotten into his unlocked van and his similarly unlocked pickup truck.

The van incurred only a few paw prints as evidence of the intruder, but the truck’s interior was completely destroyed.

“I get over here and the whole interior has been un-assembled,” Conn told WPBN/WGTU. Conn said he doesn’t take the damage personally.

“I have no real anger against the bear,” Conn said. “I’m in his territory and he might not like this back here.”

Shelby Hiestand, a wildlife biologist with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, said car break-ins by bears aren’t commonly reported in the state.

“It’s kind of a rare instance, you know, something like that is definitely possible to happen, but it’s not something that people are notifying us about,” Hiestand said.

Similar incidents have been reported elsewhere, however, such as the July case of a bear that managed to lock itself inside a resident’s vehicle in Golden, Colo. Police were able to free the animal, which fled back into the wild.


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