Some of the Best Ways to Consume Marijuana

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With the legalization of marijuana across a lot of the states in the country, we think that it is only reasonable that consumption of one of the favorite herbs has increased in different capacities. There are multiple ways for you to consume marijuana. For the uninitiated or who have known little else but to roll up crushed buds in joints, this article will be a revelation.

There are so many forms and methods of marijuana consumption that it is actually difficult for so many to determine and choose the best way to consume it.

The oldest and the greatest is smoking the stuff, but vapes are quickly becoming a popular alternative. Then there are the edibles which we can enjoy with pretty much any food we want. Besides all of that, there are sprays, oils and so much more that you can use.

Deciding on which one is the best for you is a matter of personal preference and that alone. So many factors come into making the decision. In order to help you decide, we will talk about the best methods of consuming marijuana in three sections:

  • Inhalants (through your lungs);
  • Ingestants (through your digestive system); and
  • Miscellaneous (other methods)

Figuring out these three methods can help you make a better decision on choosing the best way for consuming marijuana. To find out more about consumption, read on.


Smoking and Vaping

Smoking and vaping are two of the most common methods of consuming marijuana. They are effectively inhalants because you inhale the marijuana’s active compounds through your mouth and into your lungs. This is the fastest way for a person to get high. The cannabinoids travel through the lungs and into the bloodstream directly.

Since the blood travels so fast within the body, it actually takes little to no time for the cannabinoids to travel to your brain from the point you inhale the smoke or vapor containing marijuana.

According to the Journal of Chemistry and Biodiversity, a person that consumes marijuana through inhalation can experience the effects of the THC and the CBD from marijuana within minutes.

More and more people prefer vaping over smoking for consuming marijuana because of one critical factor: Smoking harms the lungs. When you burn marijuana, the smoking paper, excess plant material and other aspects of it come into play other than the active compounds themselves. They can cause substantial damage to your lungs.

Vaping, on the other hand, is preferred because the process involves heating up the plant to a point that there is no burning involved. A certain amount of heat is achieved by the vaporizer to oxidize the active compounds, turn them into a vapor and then be inhaled through the lungs.

Bongs are pretty much considered to be the king when it comes to inhalants. This apparatus comes in many shapes and sizes, but the main function remains the same. Marijuana is burned on a holder while the smoke is accumulated into a tube. Once the tube is full, the holder is removed, and the smoke is all sucked into the lungs at once.

The high is nothing short of debilitating for the newcomer, but if there is one sure shot way of getting completely stoned in a matter of seconds, this is it. We wouldn’t recommend it to someone starting out. As far as whether it is closer to smoking or vaping, this is pretty much like smoking, but the smoke is filtered through water to reach the chamber where it accumulates.


Dabbing marijuana also falls into the category of inhalants, and it is a particularly effective method of getting high. Dabbing involves the flash heating of cannabis concentrates to turn the concentrate into a vapor for inhalation. Simply put, cannabis concentrates are derived from the marijuana plant which contains highly concentrated active compounds from the marijuana plant.

Through vaporizing and inhaling it, your body gets a highly concentrated marijuana intake in a very little amount of time which leads to a debatably unparalleled high. If you happen to be in the city of Las Vegas, there are plenty of cannabis dispensaries which sell this relatively new product. You can always check out more details about where to get them from in this guide.


If you are not exactly a fan of the idea of smoking the marijuana and you are not too keen on vaping it, there are edibles that you can choose from. Oral consumption is the top choice for people who want to consume marijuana as an alternative to smoking or vaping.

With the legalization of marijuana, people have become a lot more creative and adventurous in experimenting with different methods of consumption. Weed brownies are something people are well aware of. They are basically chocolate brownies that have hash oil mixed into the batter before baking.

Nowadays, if you can name a food item, there is also probably a cannabis-based recipe for the same item as well. There are even drinks which now contain the active compounds from cannabis that give you the same high.

There are a couple of things you need to remember about consuming marijuana through oral means:

  • The high takes a while to kick in; and
  • When the high kicks in, it will be pretty strong, and the effects will last longer.

On average, if someone consumes marijuana through oral means, they are likely to start experiencing the high in about 30 to 45 minutes. For several, they do not start to feel the effects for over an hour after consumption. The reason for the slow reaction is that the active compounds go through the whole digestive system and get processed before they enter the bloodstream.

The high is usually stronger and lasts longer because the chemical processes they go through indigestion makes them much stronger. As the cannabinoids are processed by the digestive system, more and more of it starts to enter your body on a gradual basis.

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