Best Phones Under Rs. 15,000: Which is the Best Mobile in Under-15000 Segment?

Best Phones Under Rs. 15,000: Which is the Best Mobile in Under-15000 Segment?.

Looking to buy a new phone? We have another list if you’re interested in the under Rs. 10,000 segmentwith plenty of great picks, but if you’re willing to open up your budget a little, then there are a bunch of other phones that we think are totally worth buying in the sub-Rs. 15,000 price segment. By spending a little extra, you get smartphones that may not be perfect, but they make fewer compromises, which means you can buy some really good phones in the under Rs. 15,000 price segment today, something that wasn’t the case just a couple of years go.

In our view, these seven phones are worth putting that extra cash down on, and you won’t be disappointed if you choose one of these. As always, we’ve restricted the list of best mobiles under Rs. 15,000 to phones that we have reviewed ourselves, as our in-depth review process makes it possible to directly compare phones and give them a relative ranking. This means some phones that might look good on paper but haven’t been tested by us yet will not make it to our list.

Beyond that, we’ve also stuck to phones that are not more than a year old to make sure that the ratings aren’t skewed by a changing baseline. With that out of the way, these seven phones are our picks for the best phones under Rs. 15,000.

Best phones under Rs. 15,000

Mobile under Rs. 15,000 Gadgets 360 rating
Moto G5 7/10
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 8/10
Honor 6X 7/10
Lenovo P2 7/10
Lenovo Z2 Plus 8/10
Coolpad Max 8/10
Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime 8/10

1. Moto G5 (3GB)
Launched in February, the Moto G5 (3GB variant) is a great value for money option in the under Rs. 15,000 price category that really delivers in terms of software and is otherwise a solid all-rounder on all fronts.

A really nice feature is that you get free full-resolution image backups via Google Photos for two years, and apart from that, the light and comfortable design of the phone is a big selling point as well. It does heat a little though, which is obviously not great.


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