Bending fashion the cheapensive way

College isn’t all about grades and extracurricular activities. It is also about looking good and feeling your best. College has always been a platform for students to showcase their dressing up skills and their zeal for fashion.

Disgruntled about the price tags on fashionable clothing, and constantly chanting the mantra of being broke, marks every true blue college-goer. No matter how much pocket money one gets, the wallet never seems to weigh in at the right time (read shopping time).

But that doesn’t mean you need to compromise with your sense of style. The college clique of Bengaluru has found ways of bending the fashion code, creating a new vogue of styling the ‘Cheapensive’ way.

“I always mix both branded and non-branded clothing. There are accessories which we can buy on streets; they look expensive. A pair of earrings picked up from the streets, an AND crop top, Westside Palazzo and a random pair of footwear picked up from a street-side store. I don’t have to spend much to get a nice look in that outfit”, says Zoya, of Christ University.

Online shopping… may help you spend a penny less. And you surely won’t get bored flipping through thousands of images on a shopping website. “I mostly shop online as things are cheaper. Wholesale markets too get me good finds at a cheaper rate,” says Sumukh Venugopal of BNMIT College.

Re-use, recycle

When you can’t really roll the cash, barter. Or even better, sell your old and get something new. “I usually empty my closet of clothes which I no longer wear, and sell them. There are local second-hand stores and online barter or sale groups too,” says Kynzom, of Manipal University.

Reselling your commodities is wiser than bargaining for more pocket money. Whether it is the old Mango top or that F21 dress, reselling will fetch you the moolah.

Men too are keen fashion savers, believe it or not. Whether it is the “I don’t have a razor to shave my beard” look or the ultimate stylish good guy look, the college lot is always creating a wide spectrum of fashion trends.

“I recycle my clothes and shoes; why throw away something which can be used again,” says Parvaiz of The Oxford College of Science. Clothes and shoes can be recycled. There are various stores which take clothes and shoes for recycling. Brands like H&M or Marks and Spencer do take clothes which can be recycled. “Thrift shops aren’t bad. There’s a lot to choose from without spending much. Shopping from thrift shops doesn’t bring down your ‘class’; in fact it’s more fascinating,” says Nishant of CMS Jain University.

“I don’t really throw away my clothes. Instead I try new ways of wearing them. I use my mom’s discarded saris and get them stitched into something, like a flared skirt or a top. I alter my dad’s unused trousers and wear them with much ease and comfort, thus creating a new look,” says Upasana of Mount Carmel College.

“On Sale”… that is one sign that brightens everyone’s day. Whether it is a mall or an online website, there’s always a rush when this sign is put up. There is always a huge sale across the globe during summer and winter, heavy discounts on your favourite brands — the best time to get hold of things which you have been waiting to buy for a long time.

Buying your winter clothes in summer is wise, because it’s always on sale and the rates plunge off season. Get hold of that Zara shrug now.

“It’s always wise to hit the sales at malls. Keep an eye on the clothes you want and check the prices online too. Having said that; old clothes come handy because experimenting with them is never out of fashion,” is how B.E. Student Neha Chinappa, of Dayanand Sagar Institution offers fashion advise.

Creativity is the tool

There are clothes which become too comfy and one doesn’t just want to give up on them. Wearing that denim pant six times a week just because it’s comfy doesn’t define you as a keeper at all or throwing away that scarf just because it has a hole in it isn’t wise too.

Boost your creativity and find a new way to wear your clothes and accessories.

[Source:-The Hindu]

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