The Attorney-Client Relationship in Divorce Cases

Divorce takes an enormous toll on both parties. It’s not your typical legal situation where there is a clear “opponent” and simple legalities. Marriage is an emotional entanglement as well and both parties often still deeply care about the other. Divorce lawyers have to be master negotiators sometimes to get their clients to see what is in their best interest, given that sometimes emotions get in the way of clear legal decisions.

Divorce lawyers in Libertyville IL perform a huge number of services for their clients. And they have to often walk a fine line that’s paved with emotional issues in combination with legal issues. Attorneys in divorce cases often have to make it very clear from the beginning that they need to be able to have the freedom to make solid legal decisions. The “opposing” party is often a spouse that will be communicating with their client and perhaps trying to persuade their client to go against their own interests.

The important thing to remember is that a divorce attorney’s first and foremost loyalty is to their client, and that means sometimes telling them things they don’t want to hear about their own best legal interests. They’re dealing with sensitive matters like child custody issues, property division, and sometimes alimony issues. All of these things are very personal problems, so the divorce attorney must be level-headed and legal-minded, not emotionally-minded.

When hiring a divorce attorney, it’s vital to pick out one that is willing to work through all of these complex issues and provide ongoing answers to questions during all of the proceedings. They shouldn’t be rushed or simply trying to get through a case. It’s their job to fight for the interests of the client as a spouse, a parent, and a human being going through a very difficult experience played out in the courtroom. Thankfully there are many terrific divorce lawyers out there who very early on learn how to handle all of these issues with great tact and prowess in the courtroom.

Before hiring a divorce attorney, make sure that they are easy to talk to about your most personal of marital problems that might play a part in the divorce proceedings. It’s vital to be honest with your attorney about any potential issues that lie ahead in the divorce case. If you pick an attorney you’re at ease with, things will go much more smoothly.

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