8 Reasons to Take Your Partner to Rome Once You Retire

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Rome is a beautiful city full of history, great architecture, romance, and delicious food. Being the capital of Italy, it is an extremely popular tourist destination that sees millions of visitors from all around the world every year. Once you retire, you really should make the most of your freedom, especially if you have a loved one to share that time with. Rome is an extremely romantic destination, which can bring so much love into your relationship. With so much to see and do as well as the romance, here are eight reasons you should take a trip to Rome with your partner once you have retired.

A Taste of Italian Cuisine

A tasty Italian meal at a fancy restaurant is a romantic experience for any couple. Now imagine that heart-warming experience in the heart of Italy at the famous Piazza Navona restaurant or at the rooftop restaurant that overlooks the Colosseum. There is a range of authentic Italian restaurants in Rome for you to visit. Not only does it make every meal easy to plan out and exciting, but it also brings a bit of romance into each one without having to put too much effort into it. If you and your partner are foodies, Rome is definitely the perfect place for you both to visit.

Gelato (Yes, More Food)

Italy is famous for having fantastic ice cream, and this is something you must try when you visit Rome. Gelato is available on almost every street in Rome. So, if you are wandering around the main sites in the city center or you’ve taken a detour on the outskirts, ice cream will be waiting for you. Again, a gelato date in this beautiful city is something very simple, but also very meaningful when visiting Rome with your partner.

Sunsets on the Spanish Steps

The Spanish Steps are a well-known attraction. This romantic tourist hotspot consists of 138 steps and provides the ideal location to view some breath-taking sunsets. The location of the steps (Piazza di Spagna) has a ton of shops that you can visit. It is somewhere you could easily spend the day looking at and buying everything you could want, ending it all with a bottle of bubbly at the top of the steps, watching the sun go down in the evening with your life partner.

Open-Air Cinema Day

There is nothing like an old-fashioned date at the cinema, but doing this in Rome isn’t the only twist on this classic date plan. During summer, there is an annual outdoor cinema festival (also known as ‘Isola del Cinema film festival’). This event screens the season’s best worldwide films as well as the best Italian films. The festival takes place on Tiber island and makes a wonderful romantic movie night underneath the stars.

Guided Tour of the Colosseum

It may not be the most romantic place to visit, but it is a must see when you go to Rome, and guided tours where you see history for the first time is a unique experience that should be shared together. The Colosseum is a very famous piece of architecture in Rome and is Ancient Rome’s greatest symbol. For high-quality guided tours of this magnificent piece of history, follow the link to learn more.

A Trip to the Sistine Chapel

Vatican City is full of museums and should definitely be added to your to-do list whilst on your romantic getaway in Rome. The Sistine Chapel is somewhere you must experience with your own eyes, as pictures aren’t allowed to be taken here. The detail that is put into this chapel makes it an extremely iconic landmark and will have you gasping at its beauty.

A Romantic Picnic or Stroll

It can be nice to get away from the hustle and bustle from the city to spend a bit of quiet quality time together. Villa Borghese is the perfect place to do this. It is the third biggest park in the whole of Rome and it is the perfect place for a stroll as well as a romantic picnic. The park also houses an array of sculptures, museums, architectural elements, and Rome’s zoo and fountains, meaning there is a ton of activities to keep you busy and you won’t be short of things to see. It is easy to sort out a picnic in Rome as there are plenty of supermarkets dotted around the city. Another great place to get away from the busy city is the Pincio Gardens. These gardens are located to the west of the Villa Borghese Park over a bridge available to pedestrians. These gardens have famous statues, a little lake, as well as a great view of the city. A roam around the parks makes a lovely romantic touch to your trip and provides plenty of one to one time with your partner while getting a bit of fresh air.

Exploring the Trastevere Neighborhood

Nothing is more romantic than taking an adventure together. When you go to Rome, exploring is an essential part of the experience. Discovering Trastevere, also known as Rome’s hidden district, is something you must do together. This destination has a historically working-class neighborhood and also a lively atmosphere and fantastic nightlife. This neighborhood can be found across the River Tiber, which means it is away from the crowded center of Rome. There is plenty to see here, including buskers near the fountain and authentic restaurants. It is also a great place to have a few drinks and is somewhere you should go to embrace the nightlife. Romance never has to be cliché.

With so many unique and romantic things to see and do in Rome, it is somewhere that is worth visiting with the one you love once you retire. This is a trip that can bring you both closer together as well as giving you an insight into a different culture, tasty cuisine, and stunning history. New experiences are best when shared with someone you love.

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