7 types of Idlis you should know about before visiting South India

1. Simply delicious!

Simply delicious!

Idli is one of the most popular breakfasts in South Indian households. Idli contains no fat, no saturated fat and no cholesterol. They are quite filling, nutritious and must be included by all weight-watchers in their diet. These healthy idli recipes will help you flatten your belly while satisfying your tastebuds at the same time.These are made in different ways, each differ in portion of rice, semolina, yogurt and spices. Here are 7 interesting varieties of idli that are easy-to-make, low in calories and absolutely delicious :

2. Vegetable Idli

Vegetable Idli

Vegetable Idli : Mildly spiced idlis made with idli batter, lots of seasonal vegetables and chopped beans. Try this amazing dish and enjoy with your loved ones!

3. Stuffed Idli

Stuffed Idli

Stuffed Idli : A perfect breakfast dish, prepared with idli batter, sprouted moong, tomato ketchup, ginger, mint leaves and green chillies, this delicious dish will leave you wanting for more.

4. Rice and Moong Dal Idli

Rice and Moong Dal Idli

Rice and Moong Dal Idli : The basic and simple form of idli, Rice and Moong Dal Idli is prepared by mixing rice, moong dal, carrot and spring onions. It’s also enjoyed with sambar and a colorful array of chutneys.

5. Rava Idli Microwave

Rava Idli Microwave

Rava Idli Microwave : Rava Idli is completely addictive and the most common among South Indian breakfast items. This one is absolutely lip-smacking!

6. Pepper Idli

Pepper Idli

Pepper Idli : Pepper Idli is treat to the eyes and taste buds.The soft and scrumptious idli can be enjoyed with any kind of chutney and sambar.

7. Oats Idli

Oats Idli

Oats Idli : Oats idli is a very healthy Indian breakfast recipe, made with oats, semolina, carrot, peas, yogurt and a melange of spices. This dish is not just tasty but extremely nutritious.

8. Cucumber Idli

Cucumber Idli

Cucumber Idli : Cucumber Idli is a soft, fluffy and delicious recipe, prepared using coconut, semolina, cucumber and jaggery. It is simply out-of-the world.




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