The 5 Most Innovative Women in Food and Drink

From the editors of Food & Wine and Fortune magazines

The future of food is here, and it’s decidedly female. The editors of Food & Wine and Fortune magazines teamed up to spotlight women entrepreneurs, activists and leaders in the food world who’ve worked in the past year to transform the way people dine. Twenty earned a spot on their Most Innovative Women in Food and Drink 2016 list.

Here are five standouts from the report by Food & Wine and Fortune(which, like TIME, are owned by Time Inc.).

  • Emily Broad Leib

    Courtesy of Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation
    At the Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic, Leib is tackling the enormous problem of wasted food, which crowds landfills and leaves many hungry, by trying to change legislation around the way food is labeled. “We want to make labeling laws clearer, so when people pick up a yogurt, they know when it’s OK to eat it and when to throw it out,” she tells Food & Wine and Fortine. It may also make perfectly fine food easier to donate.

    Betsy Babcock

    Conor Harrigan Photography
    From a quaint seven-chicken experiment at a B&B grew an empire of eggs. On the pasture of Handsome Brook Farm, Babcock raises chickens with organic feed and helps other small farms do the same.

    Monica Garnes

    monica garnes
    Courtesy of Kroger
    Garnes heads up produce for Kroger, and under her leadership, the grocery chain bought from 27% more local farmers in the past five years. “Now we can tell our customers exactly who raises their vegetables, which is pretty darn exciting,” she tells Food & Wine and Fortune.

    Kavita Shukla

    Kavita Shukla
    Fenugreen FreshPaper
    Shukla helps fight food spoilage with her invention of FreshPaper, naturally antibacterial sheets infused with herbs to help produce last four times longer.

    Mackenzie Barth & Sarah Adler

    Mackenzie Barth Sarah Adler
    The two college pals founded Spoon University, a recipe website and digital media training program for young people who want to make good food—and good content around it.


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