5 Awesome Things to Do in Chennai

The capital of Tamil Nadu, Chennai lies on the fascinating coast of the elevated Bay of Bengal and is recognized for its rich history, colorful cultures, amazing contributions towards traditions and music. Also, the residence to some of the gorgeous beaches, divine churches, sacred temples, this city exclusively proves to be a wealth heap for the tourists.

It does not matter if you are among the honeymooners or vacation seekers, excursion with friends or family members, seeking for some adventure and fun or outlining for a backpacking trip, the list of thrilling things to execute in Chennai will fulfill all your desires! Adorned with architectural wonders, scenic places, old temples, quaint villages and much more, this place will certainly surprise you with all its offerings.You can book cheap air tickets from Kolkata to Chennai to relish this place at its best!

Here are five awesome things to do in Chennai:

  1. Marina Beach

Marina Beach, One of the beloved shoreline of Chennai, is best recognized for its stunning view and cool ambiance. Ingrained within the premises of the city, the serene charm of the rolling waves, the beachfront, and the scenic environs appeals almost everyone touring this amazing area! With around 13km of shoreline, Marina Beach has acquired the label of being acknowledged as the second biggest beach in the planet. This exclusively makes it a must to trip spot in Chennai. This region being one of the most beloved tourist destinations in the city is asking people to explore it in its natural way. Marina Beach is certain to keep you captivated with its enticing appeal and charm, be it the soft sands, azure waters and the openness of the ocean,

  1. Thalankuppam Pier

A small fishing hamlet, Thalankuppan, stationed in the northern region of Chennai, is certainly one of the mind comforting stop that will eventually leave you with a healing experience! A quiet and quaint stop near the city, this is the place where the sea and the Thalankuppam River meet. A perfect space for the silence and peace lovers, the pier in this part is certainly one of the must to visit destinations.

  1. Elliot’s Beach

Also recognized as the ‘Besant Nagar Beach’ or ‘Bessie’, among the locals, it is one of the most beloved stops. Due to the calm, pictorial beauty, and tranquil ambiance, easy availability and the reduced quantity of visitors within this amazing sandy retreat, it is also earning acceptance among the visitors who exclusively prefer to avert the panic and stay away from the gatherings. A stroll along the long banks of Eliot’s Beach will not only treat your sense but will exclusively take you to the ‘Schmidt Memorial’ that caters as a prime benchmark to the city.

  1. Mahabalipuram Temples

When you are at this amazing historic town, you can visit and see several of the ancient shrines and temples that have divinity like Lord Krishna and various other Goddesses and Gods; temple caves devoted other divinities can also be reached within the town. Among the other prime interests in Mahabalipuram, there are captivating Krishna’s Butter Ball, Mahabalipuram Beach, PanchaRathas, and more. Due to its lavish appearance and pious importance, the spectrum of temples and various other historical architectures in Mahabalipuram has now been stated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  1. St Thomas Mount Church

In extension to the pious significance, this region is also recognized for its extravagant refinement.  From the top of the hill, you can relish exceptional views of the neighborhood areas. When you have reached to this religious space, you can acknowledge the devotion and sanctity that prevails here. In extension to this, the alluring and lavish charm of the church and its ambiance will certainly keep you engaged all through. Views from the top of the hill are just amazingly stunning and are surely necessary for everyone!

Sounds exciting and must and surely a place not to miss by any means! Top travel companies will assist you book cheap air tickets from Kolkata to Chennai to relish this amazing city!

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