4 foods you only get to enjoy in the Ashanti Region

Fufu and goat light soup

Ashanti Region; land of the Golden stool is the cultural heartbeat of Ghana. The region can boast of many natural resources, beautiful natural sceneries and many tourist attractions.

The people of  Ashanti region are deep rooted in culture and tradition. They warmly received people from other regions and as tradition demands, serve them with sumptuous meals.

Their peculiar local  cuisines distinguishes them from others region. Why not travel this weekend to Ashanti Region to explore, learn their rich culture and try new cuisines.

1. Fufu and Goat light soup

Fufu and goat light soupFufu and goat light soup


Fufu is a staple among the Akans and it’s best enjoyed with Goat light soup. The secret is you marinade the meat overnight with grounded local spices to add more flavour and aroma the soup.

2. Ampesi and kontomire

 Ampesi and kontomire Ampesi and kontomire


This cuisine is very easy to prepare and highly nutritious as well. Quick tips; to avoid having bad breath, boil your garlic, onion and ginger with the garden eggs and blend together.

It retains the nutrients and leaves your guest asking for more. Don’t forget to garnish with steamed tilapia and avocado. Also when the plantain is cooked, add more water and allow it to simmer for 3-5 minutes then you drain the water and serve with kontomire.

3. Mpoto Mpoto’ (Mashed cocoyam)

Mpoto Mpoto' (Mashed cocoyam)Mpoto Mpoto’ (Mashed cocoyam)


This is very nutritious local dishes especially among the elders. People has different method of preparing but the authentic recipe must contain powdered dawadawa and prekese.

4. ‘Etɔ’ (Mashed Plantain)

'Etɔ' (Mashed Plantain)‘Etɔ’ (Mashed Plantain)


It can  prepared with plantain and or yam. Etɔ is often displayed in an earthenware bowl, locally called asanka and garnished with hard boiled eggs. To make the dish very colourful and more nutritious, you can garnish with stir fry vegetables and salmon.



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