3 Fun Home Projects for the Family

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It’s the weekend. School is over for the week, no daily commute for two days and you’ve got 48 hours stretching ahead of you to spend with the kids. Don’t worry about the shopping this weekend and relegate the digital devices to the drawer for a change. Try one of the following small projects and have fun together! These projects aren’t going to break the bank,and the sun doesn’t necessarily need to be shining. All that’s required is some enthusiasm,andthe whole family will all reap the benefits. Nowadays, we’re all so busy it’s great to put responsibilities on the back burner for a while and relish each other’s company.

Build a Veg Garden

How many times have you shouted out of the kitchen window at your kids digging in the dirt? Why not give them a valid reason for digging by building a veg garden? It’s something that will keep them occupied for more than a couple of days. You can either dig over a patch in the garden or put come planks of wood together and build them a raised bed. There’s a good selection of fruit and vegetables that are easy for kids to grow.

Add a Water Feature

As well as looking good, a water feature will encourage wildlife into your garden. You can choose to create something really elaborate, for which you might benefit from using an OASE pond filter to maintain the delicate balance within your pond. Alternatively, add a water sculpture, fountain or cascading water blades. The sound of bubbling water can be very soothing.

Create an Indoor Crafty Space

Kids love painting, gluing, playing with dough and other crafty activities. Unfortunately, these activities also come with a certain amount of mess. Allowing them to get creative on the kitchen table is not always the most convenient of ideas. One project you might want to consider is to set up their own designated space. It only needs to be a small corner in one of your rooms, but with some shelving and cabinets, together with table or workbench, they’ll be able to get creative to their heart’s content. Everything they need, such as crayons, paints, craft paper, brushes, glue, pens,and pencils are already dotted around your home or kept under lock and key. Let your kids decide where these are going to go in their craft space and you’ll be surprised how much this kind of responsibility will help them grow.

These are three quick and simple ideas that will bring you and your family together, even if it’s only for the weekend. What you create together will be enjoyed for many more weeks to come. You’re going to have fresh fruit and vegetables you can pick for dinner, an area where your children can enjoy watching the wildlife, and an area where they can let their creative juices flow. The good thing about working as a family is that everyone feels a sense of achievement and a certain amount of responsibility for what has been created. This translates into taking better care of it and inevitablymean it will last longer!

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