10 super easy egg recipes you must try now!

Egg is that versatile ingredient that adds magic to any dish. In fact, now it has been scientifically proved that if you breakfast on eggs, you are more likely to lose weight because egg not just fires up the metabolism but also keeps you satisfied for long. Egg based recipes are easy to make and are less time consuming. One egg is a nutrition packed tiny little ball and if you add a little roasted ragi or some powdered oats in your omelette, your complete meal is ready. Egg also tastes great with rice. You can make egg fried rice or omelette rice and your dinner is done. If you have a fussy toddler at home, give him boiled rice with one boiled potato and boiled egg topped with desi ghee and trust us, the little one will soon develop a taste for it. Want to make your gravy tasty and thick? Add a beaten egg. Want to have a perfect cake? Add two eggs. Want to make your salad tasty? Chop in a boiled egg. You can do so much with eggs that the list of going creative with eggs is endless. Here are 10 interesting ways to go innovative with eggs.

2. Mexican Baked Eggs

Mexican Baked Egg is an interesting breakfast recipe made using eggs, black beans and tomatoes. This is an easy-to-make recipe that you can try at home for your loved ones in breakfast.

3. Egg Kebabs

An extremely easy egg recipe, Egg Kebab is a popular Pakistani recipe made with eggs, gram flour and bread crumbs that gives it a crispy texture. Try this appetizer recipe which would be loved by people of all age groups.

4. Tomatoes and Bacon Egg Muffins

Tomatoes and Bacon Egg Muffin is a simple breakfast recipe that can be easily made at home. Made with bacon slices, cherry tomatoes and eggs, this easy-to-make recipe can be served with hot coffee. Try it.

5. Tea Eggs

Tea Egg is a simple snack recipe made with eggs, green tea leaves, garlic and ginger. This easy-to-make recipe is loved by people of all age groups and can be served on any occasion.

6. Fried Eggs

Fried Egg is a healthy American recipe made with eggs, salt, pepper and butter. You can make this easy-to-make recipe for your near and dear ones in breakfast.

7. Egg Masala

Egg Masala is a popular South Indian dish especially in the Chettinad regions of Tamil Nadu. It is made using eggs, onions, urad dal and curry leaves. Try out this quick, healthy and easy to make side dish recipe.

8. Egg Fried Rice

An easy and delicious one-pot-meal recipe, Egg Fried Rice is not just tasty but also a filling and scrumptious dish. Serve it with raita and sweet chutney.

9. Cottage Cheese Eggs

Cottage Cheese Egg is a Continental recipe made with egg, cottage cheese and chili powder. It is a simple recipe that you can make anytime during the day and enjoy with a hot chapati. Try this easy-to-make recipe.

10. Classic Devilled Eggs

Bored of the old regular egg recipe? Try this interesting Classic Devilled Eggs recipe made using eggs, mayonnaise and mustard. This breakfast recipe is delicious as well as healthy.

11. Egg and Bread Pudding

Egg and Bread Pudding is a Continental dessert made with bread, eggs, milk and fresh cream. This moist and creamy pudding is a treat for kids and an ideal dessert recipe to be tried on days you want to indulge in some really good food.

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