10 best microwave recipes that are incredibly easy-to-make

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Where would you be without your microwave oven? Aren’t they just a huge time-saver? Microwave ovens are one of the most common kitchen appliances and are very convenient when it comes to cooking and heating food.

Is your microwave really just a cancer box?
Microwave ovens heat food by producing radiation which is absorbed by water molecules in the food. This makes the water molecules vibrate and produce heat, which cooks the food. Cooking in microwave is just as safe as any other cooking method.

What are the health risks involved with microwaves?
1. Insomnia
It primarily affects your sleeping pattern leading to insomnia.

2. Loss of nutrition
When you heat or cook food in a microwave, the nutrients and antioxidants in your food are lost due to overheating.

Interesting microwaves facts:
– The first microwave oven was 6 feet tall and weighed at least 750 pounds.
– The type of radiation that is used in microwave ovens is also used in speed cameras used by police, radar, and cell phones.
– NASA uses microwave technology for communication in deep space.
– The first microwaves were cooled by water but they were later changed to be cooled by air.
– Before they became known as microwave ovens they were called electronic ovens.
– Any metal or conductive object placed in the microwave oven will work as an antenna and generate an electric current.
– The first food to be deliberately cooked with a microwave was popcorn.

Uses for microwave that will surprise you for sure
– Soaking Lentils and Beans: Soak beans and lentils a bowl full of water. Add a pinch of bicarbonate soda to it. Microwave at full power for 10 minutes and leave them inside for another 40 minutes.
– Re-hydrating Stale Bread: Cover the slice of bread in a water soaked kitchen towel and microwave it for 10 seconds.
– Disinfecting Sponges: Put the dirty sponge into a bowl filled with water and add a dash of vinegar or lemon juice and microwave the bowl at high power for around a minute.
– Recrystallizing Honey: If honey solidifies inside the jar, then use a microwave to soften it.
– Peeling Garlic: Microwave the garlic cloves on top of a kitchen tissue for about 10 seconds. The tissue will absorb the moisture and allow you to peel the garlic.
– Chopping Onions: Place the onion in the microwave for 30 seconds before you start chopping it.
– Squeezing Lemons: Putting the lemon in a microwave for 30 seconds makes it very juicy.

How to use a microwave:
– Place the microwave on a flat, dry surface.
– Check that the roller ring and glass tray are secure in the microwave.
– Plug the microwave into a grounded wall outlet.
– Look at the features on the microwave.

How to warming up food in the microwave:
– Arrange food in a ring on a ceramic plate or in a glass bowl.
– Cover the food with a thick plastic cover.
– Warm the food a little at a time.
– Heat up certain foods separately so they do not become soggy or dry.
– Do not reheat pizza, casseroles, or meat in the microwave.

How to maintain your microwave:
– Clean the microwave once a week.
– Remove cooking odors with water and lemon.
– Take your microwave in for repairs if it develops issues or stops working.

Safety tips:
– Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use.
– Use microwave-safe containers
– Check for leakage
– Don’t use ovens that seem to operate when the door is open.

Microwaved Omelette Recipe

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Make this omelette in leas than 3 minutes.

Rava Idli Microwave Recipe

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These idlis are soft and tasty and can be cooked in half the time.

Microwave Stuffed Tomatoes Recipe

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This version of stuffed tomato uses very little oil.

Microwave Chocolate Pudding Recipe

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This is a chocolatey indulgent treat.

5-Minute Microwave Chocolate Cake Recipe

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Make delectable cake in 5 minutes in your coffee mug!

Microwave Mushroom Soup Recipe

Image result for Microwave Mushroom Soup
These appetizing soup recipe is deceptively easy to make and relatively healthy.

Microwave Tandoori Chicken Recipe

Image result for Microwave Tandoori Chicken
Succulent tandoori chicken that can be made in minute

Eggless Microwave Strawberry Muffins Recipe

Image result for Eggless Microwave Strawberry Muffins
Eggless Microwave Strawberry Muffins easy to prepare and bake. You can also woo your partner with this yummy muffin recipe

Microwave Pottao Chips Recipe

Image result for Microwave Potato Chips
Easy, crispy potato chips — from the microwave? With no fat? Believe it.
Microwave Carrot Halwa Recipe

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No meal is ever complete without something sweet at the end.


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